Sunday, January 8, 2017


Wednesday, 28th December 2016
Venue: M G M College, Udupi

It is only by chance that we went to visit Vishala KeshavaBhat at Manipal, there were about to leave for watching the drama at M G M College (My former college). As we are also drama buffs, we joined them immediately to watch the Tulu Drama, which was to begin at 6.30pm.

"Shudra Tapaswi", a part of Ramayana composed by KUVEMPU, highly respected literary person, "Rashtra Kavi", National poet. The content of the play is about the caste system, where a lower caste shudra goes into Tapas (Penace). Higher caste brahmin's son dies when he touches shudra in his tapas because the father hits him badly.  Brahmin claims that this is "adharma", where a shudra has no right for tapas and takes the matter to Rama. In Valmiki Ramayana, Rama beheads shudra to establish dharma, whereas in Kuvempu Ramayana, story is changed to the idea that all humans are equal and shudra also equal right for tapas and it is not Adharma, hence Rama makes dead child alive after brahmin apologises for his deed.

The play was superbly enacted on stage with appropriate lighting, music and high sounding dialogues in tulu language. The stage setup and the dance sequences to make effectiveness of the characters was also good. 120 minutes play ended with positive note in the current scenario.

written Monday, 9th Jan 2017