Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Saturday 7th January 2017

It was purely by chance that we had an opportunity to attend an excellent music program at none other than ISKCON temple at NammaBengaluru on Saturday evening (courtesy Ramachandra Somayaji and P C Chadaga.)  It was  sponsored program with someone celebrating 75th birthday of their mother.
Trichur Brothers in concert
The concert was by Srikrishna Mohan and RamKumar Mohan are young Carnatic (South Indian Classical Music) Vocalists popularly known as Trichur Brothers.

They are the sons of Senior Mridanga Vidwan Shri Trichur R Mohan, who was also present at the concert.

Trchur Brothers are noted for their strict adherence to Patanthara and uncompromising attitude towards Bhavam. They also adopt a unique style of alapana, where both exchange phrase after phrase, long and short which is very amazing. This is unique rendition of raga and hitherto never adopted by any duo singers.

We really enjoyed the concert which lasted for about two and half hours even though we have little idea of raaga and bhaava.

The sponsors were kind enough to organize a very sumptuous and grand dinner catered by HigherTaste Restaurant of ISKCON.

It was an opportunity well utilized. Thanks to all concerned.

written 11th Jan. 2017

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