Thursday, January 5, 2017


Day 4: 30th Dec. Friday.  Returned to Birthi from GaradiMane, had breakfast, bath and pooja and left for Udyavara where Ravi also came from Bengaluru that morning by bus and all of us proceeded to Ambalpadi Temple near Udupi for Darshan and lunch.

at Anantheshwara Temple, Udupi
After lunch went back to Udyavara and at 4pm came to Alankar theatre at Udupi to watch kannada movie "Kirik party". with Anisha, Shama and Kavya

After the movie went to Krishna Mutt and Anantheshwara Temple for darshan.

with RajaniRamachandra,,Ruchira & Raghavendra
After that we went to visit Rajani Ramachandra and then returned to Birthi, Salekeri.

Day 5 : 31st Dec. Saturday: Morning went to Kameshwara and met Purohit Mahabaleshwara Adiga for his blessings and came home and had breakfast, bath and pooja.
Grand lunch (Oota) was arranged by Abhilasha for the Sachin's wedding people who came from Bengaluru and other close relations, There were about 75 people for lunch.

It was also a day of remembrance of Late Srikanth Somayaji with a short program of "Memories" of BirthiHouse where several relations spoke of nostalgia of childhood days spent at Birthi. Kavya Hande performed a beautiful dance for a kannada song.


At 3.30pm, Hindustani Classical Concert by Pandit Satish Bhat and Team was arranged and also he was felicitated with shawl and fruits.

Pt, Satish Bhat in Concert
Honouring the artist
The concert went on till 6.15pm and Bhat sang very well.

Sadaram introducing relations at Get-together
At 7.30pm, we were at Govinda Kalyana Mantapa for wedding get-together party and also to welcome NewYear2017. There was dance, music and dinner after which we returned to Birthi.

Day 6: 1st January 2017, Sunday: It's wedding day of Sachin with Lekha. We reached the wedding Hall (Govinda Kalyana Mantapa, Udupi) at 9am and had breakfast there.

Bride in the chariot

Wedding muhurtham was at 11.15am, and after dibbana dhoom-dham, the bride was brought in a chariot and exchange of garlands, Sachin and Lekha became husband and wife. Other procedure followed like KanyaDaana, Mangalya Dhaarana, SaptaPadi etc. Grand Lunch followed with two sweets and two more sweets to carry. After lunch, we left from the place at 2.30pm.

After reaching Udyavara, we packed our stuff with Seena and left for Bengaluru at 3 pm. We stopped over at Pabbas, Mangaluru for ice-cream and proceeded from there and had some tiffan  near Sakaleshpur.
We reached BirthiMane, Bengaluru at 12 midnight, sharing driving between Ravi, Rishi and Myself. thus ending six days enjoyable trip.

written Thursday 5th Jan, 2017

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