Friday, February 3, 2017


Akku  is heart touching three stories put together, written by Vaidehi  and  well presented on stage by drama group "Ranga Mantapa". The joint family from Kundapura side, speaking typical Kundapura Kannada and presenting it in a unique style.

The stories Ammachiya nenepugalu, Akku and Putamatte nenapugalu, primarily intends to capture and subtly express the continuous struggle of women in the male dominated society.

with Champa Shetty, Director

with Radhakrishna Urala

The play explores beyond the perception of Akku's character as mentally challenged women, in her struggle for existence,
The whimsical male characters portrayed in the play control and play around the female characters through both psychological and physical violence. The woman appear to be imprisoned in a claustrophobic space, directly or indirectly controlled by invisible thread, may be called "fate"
The artists expressed their emotions like sentiments, pathos, anger, respect, sensitivity, audacity and much more. very well. The characters like Ammachi, Akku, Puttamatte, Grandfather and even the junior artists also enacted very well. The music was very apt and songs were very meaningful and well sung. The stage setting and lighting were also excellent.

We were there at RangaShankara
Geetha Surathkal, Yashaswini, Divya Karanth, Usha S, Varna, Hitha, Avani Shetty, Adithi Ural, B. G. Ramakrishna, Dr. Rajkumar, Radhakrishna Urala, Vishwanath Urala, Rajesh Kashyap, Muralidhar Navda, Tejaswi Marakini, Shivaramanna, Siddaramappa, Anjan Bharadwaj
Written Saturday 4th Feb 2017

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