Monday, February 13, 2017


TaralaBalu Kendra, R T Nagara, Namm Bengaluru
Sunday, 12th February 2017

"Shivarama Karantha Vedike" - An association started in 1993 by few Dr Kota Shivarama Karantha abhimanis (fans) completed 24 years of continuous activities on Art, Culture, and Kannada literature. It's started by Sri Pandeshwara ChandraShekara Chadaga, Sri B V Kedilaya and few others. Mr Chadaga's untiring effort and enthusiasm keeps the activities continuous .

PROF. M. R. NAGARAJU, speaking
As part of Silver Jubilee year, a series of programs throughout the year are planned. The inaugural function took place on Sunday 12th February 2017 at TaralaBalu Kendra, R T Nagara.
The function was inaugurated by Prof. M R Nagaraju by lighting the lamp. He gave an excellent speech in Kannda on the topic "Beginning and development of YakshaGaana". The Professor is master in his knowledge of Yakshagana enumerated how coastal people encouraged and enjoyed the stories from MahaBharatha and Ramayana played whole night with grand costume, songs with mridanga and chande, dance and dialogues.
VeeraShekara Swamy thanking....
At 5.30pm, a Yakshagaana was organized at the auditorium by Suvarana Prasdhana YakshaRanga, which lasted up to 8.30pm with hall being full.

written Monday 13th Feb. 2017

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