Thursday, February 23, 2017


Tuesday 21st February 2017

Vidurashwath is small and ancient village in GouriBidanoor Taluk, ChikkaBallapur District of Karnataka. It's about 35 km from Ghati Subramanya on hilly road.

The name derived from Ashwatha Tree (Ficus religiosa) located in this village. According to legend, the tree was planted by Vidura, courtier in the kingdom of Dritharashtra, during the time of Mahabharatha, hence the name VIDURASHWATHA.

There is also a temple dedicated to NagaDevatha, which is as old as the tree. Here people do the NagaPrathistana to fulfill their wishes, such as having child or to achieve in their business etc. The pooja and worship is done to get rid of all problems concerned NagaDosha, SarpaSamskara.

Vidurashwath is also called Jalianwala Bagh of South. In 1938, more tha 35 people died due to firing by British soldiers. There is a memorial and  exhibition of events in memory of late freedom fighters.
Unfortunately it was closed, Tuesday being the weekly holiday.

After an hour we left the place for our next destination Lepakshi.

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