Saturday, March 25, 2017


Saturday, 25th March 2017
SevaSadana, Malleshwara, NammaBengaluru.

The comedy Kannada play was performed by amateur group for entertainment and time-pass.

ALIYA means son-in-law and DEVARU means God. Traditional Indian custom, Aliya is treated as God in Father-in-Law's house.

An elderly gentleman has three daughters, married of to three guys, all of them stay in father-in-laws house. The youngest surviving daughter looks after cooking and households.

The eldest guy is fond of the drama and acting and spends his daydreaming of becoming big actor, practicing and spending time at home.
The second guy is supposed to be a doctor with no income and no patients.
Third guy is an insurance agent with hardly any income, as he is more like a joker and no one takes him seriously. The father-in-law has to look after these guys. A good friend of his comes to visit him and they plan to send these guys away from the house and eventually the plan fails and the guys back in the house harrasing the old man, is comedy.

As amateurs, they need more time to fine tune their performance. However, they did their best. Support team like stage setting, music, lighting requires lot of improvement.

written Sunday 26th March 2017 

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