Monday, March 27, 2017


20th March 2017
BirthiMane, NammaBengaluru

A kitten was mewing almost whole night, and we could hear it's mewing from the bedroom. Waiting for dawn, patiently tolerated the noise and in the morning, went up to see the kitten was helpless in the neighbor's widow cover on top.

Our team was ready and Rishi on a ladder, walked across to the place where the kitten was sitting with fear. it was grabbing Rishi's dress and with great difficulty he detached it from his shirt and put in a small bucket held by Nalini.

Our pet, Seena was all excited and tensed and he was all moving around to see the operation.

He was jealous too, may be lot of attention was  given.

At the end all were happy. The video recorded shows the event.

written Tuesday 28th march 2017

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