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Wednesday, 22nd March 2017
RangaShankara, J P Nagara, NammaBengaluru.

The story of Shakuntala from MahaBharatha, is well known and is played on T V Serials, books and other media. The most famous dramatization is by Kalidasa's ABIJNA SHAKUNTALA,

The same is played on stage by ANTHARANGA drama group on Wednesday at RangaShankara. So we finished the children's classes at home early and left for the venue, which took me an hour and half.

with Shyam and actor Anil Kulkarni
Shakuntala, living in Kanva's Ashram in the forest, met by King Dushyantha, falls in love and marries her in Gandharva Vivaha. Later he leaves for his Kingdom, Hastinavathi.

Shakuntala spends her time in day dreaming about King Dushyantha, and forgets to respect Sage |Durvasa. He gets angry and curses her that King will not remember her. He will remember about her only when she shows him the ring.

When Shakuntala reaches the Kingdom, Dushyantha rejects her as he did not remember her. Unfortunately, she also loses the ring. Later it was brought by a fisherman, who finds the ring in a fish he caught. When the King sees the rings, he recollects his marriage with Shakuntala, and the son, who has become a grown up boy.

The presentation of the story on stage is what makes the difference. It's like dance- drama, with lot of songs and dances, both yakshagana and classical style, the actors full of energy and enthusiasm, dialogues, movements and excellent acting by most of the actors.

Nalini with Geetha Manjappa, Usha Umesh

WITH Umesh Bharadhwaj, Manjappa
The two-hour non stop drama had continuity and meaning in their presentation, both story and action. The lighting, stage setting, singing and music were all excellent.
The play is directed by Chidambara Rao Jambe, created by K V Subbanna, Music by K. S Nagaraj,

written Friday 24th March 2017


  1. Thanks for the narration. Finishing your classes early shows your extreme passion for art and culture. I enjoy reading your blog and I have read certain narrations several times. Thanks a lot for taking time out to share your experience and expression.