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Wednesday 30th March 2017
Chowdiah Memorial Hall, NammaBengaluru

In memory of late Karnuru Koragappa Rai, Yakashagana artist, organizer, his children have organizing program of felicitations, Yakshagana for last 8 years. This year it was in Chowdiah Memorial Hall, NammaBengaluru on Wednesday 29th March 2017,

Swamiji inaugurating 
Polya LakshmiNarayana Shetty filicitated

The program started at 2.30pm, with invocation in Yakshagana style and dignitories and award winners on the stage with Barkur Samsthana SriSri Santosh Bharathi Swamiji, Chief Guest. Swamiji in his speech explained beauifully about the beginning of the universe, protons, neutrons and electrons as energy centres as Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara and understanding of the present day scientific concepts were there in Purana and Bhagavatha of Sanathana Dharma. Today's Yakshagana epic "SriDevi Mahatmya" is about the Brahmanda and Super Energy symbol as SriDevi.

Number of achievers, specially in the field of Yakshagana, were felicitated with shawl, citation and fruits. Chief among them were Polya Lakshminarayana Shetty (Vimana Bhagavataru), SriSri Santosh Guruji, Music Director Gurukiran and others.

All the speakers spoke highly of Karnuru Koragappa Rai, who passed away in 2008. He was artist, organizer and role model for young and upcoming artists. 

At 5pm, the Yakshagana Prasanga "SriDevi Mahatmya" started with Band, Baaja, Bajantri and Patla Satish Shetty, famous Bhagavataru with golden voice.

"SriDevai Mahatme" is Hindu religious text describing the Goddess as the Supreme power and creator of Universe. It is part of Markandeya Purana.

The story is the battle between good and evil, where Devi manefesting as Goddess Durga leads the forces of good against the demon Mahishashura. The Goddess is very angry and ruthless and forces of good win. 

Mahishasura, was born as buffalo due to a curse from a sage to Malini and King Vidyumana. He becomes a demon and attacks devaloka with Brahma and other Goddess. They take the complaint to all powerful Devi and she agrees to kill him and establish peace and harmony.

The noise (Band, Baaja and Bajantry), accompanying music, singing and and dance are all high energy stuff and every artist was performing with super enthusiasm and energy. It requires lot of dedication and interest to carry heavy costume, dance and deliver dialogues.

The comedy artists also did a comendable  job as they are conversant with role they have been playing for years.

written Thursday 30th March 2017

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