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Sunday 19th March 2017
Samsa Ranga Mandira, Behind Ravindra Kalakshetra, NammaBengaluru.

Yakshagana is a coastal, traditional theatre form combine with  dance, music, dialogues, costumes, make-up, stage techniques with a unique style.  Usually a story from Ramayana or Mahabharatha is taken (called Prasanga) and songs from the story is sung beautifully by "Bhagavataru", with accompanying music like mridanga, chande and taala. The characters in the story comes on stage with heavy costumes and dances on stage to the song and narrates the meaning in style, sometimes depending on the performer.

Traditionally, Yakshagana is played fron dusk to dawn in the open field, with oil lamps.

Nowadays, Yakshagana performed in the cities is shortened to 2-3 hours, to suit the needs and interests of urban people.

"Kousalya Vivaha" was the story (Prasanga) from Ramayana performed at Samsa Bayalu Mandira.

Kousalya was the eldest of King Dasharatha's wife and the queen of Ayodhya. Before the wedding, Dasharatha and Kousalya were placed in a box by King Ravaneshwara so that they should not get married. Sage BrahmaDeva releases them and they get married in the presence of the sage. King Ravana pacified by BrahmaDeva agrees not to kill them.

The presentation of the play was superb and the singing by Bhagavataru was excellent.

written Tuesday 21st March 2017

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