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Thursday 13th April 2017
Ravindra Kalakshetra, NammaBengaluru

"DAAHA", a kannada drama, with DVG's famous "Manku TimmanaKagga" poems,  produced by Premdas Adyanthaya, was presented at Ravindra Kalakeshtra.

D, V, Gundappa (1987 - 1975) was a kannada writer and a philosopher during 20th Century. His most noted work is "Manku Timmana Kagga", is regarded as classicamous works were of Kannada literature.

He was awarded "Padma Bhushana" by Government of India in 1974.

He has also written drama, essays, books. He started his career is journalism in with "Bharat" and "Karnataka" as kannada newspaper.

His other famous works were Marula Muniyana Kagga, Anthapurada Geethe, Shree Rama Pareekshanam, Vasantha Kusumanjali, Geetha Shakunathala and many more.

The play created by Premdas Adyanthaya, has presentations from 33 kaggas (poems) of MankuTimma of DVG. Each Kagga depicts the realities of life and events and how we react and accept the situations.

It's about 90-minutes play with live music and very good singers. There were about three singers with one of them with a very loud and metallic voice, as probably is a"Bhagavatharu" in Yakshagana
DanceDramas. The others also sang well with accompanying music like, Chande, harmonium, Rhythm pad, Mridanga etc.

The actors performed well too. The Yakshagana dance performer performance was good.

The play "DAAHA" was directed by KrishnaKunar Yadav and Music direction by Gajanana T Naik.

written Saturday 15th April 2017


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