Friday, April 14, 2017


Every important phase in one's life or event is marked by special pooja for devine blessings. Buying a house or entering a new house is regarded as new milestone in every person's life, which demands auspicious blessings of Lord Ganesha, remover of all obstacles.

It's commonly believed in Gods, one has to believe is ghosts and spirits, which are considered evil, which wreck havoc on life and property.The main aim of GruhaPravesha or Gruha Shanthi Puja is to purify the surroundings and home from evil effects of spirits. A house is regarded as one of the most precious of an individual.

Performing a gruhapravesha pooja requires several items and each of them has a special significance not only in the religion, but also in environment and human body.

Typically pooja is performed in two stages. The first stage, previous night, after cleaning the premises,and performing Ganesh pooja, two homas, namely Rakshojna and Vasthu homa are performed. In addition to this Navagruha pooja and bali for AshtaDikpalakaru. It's about two hours procedure.

The second stage is the next morning, GanaHoma is performed for devine blessings from Lord Ganesha. After that at the Muhurtha time, pooja is performed outside the main entrance. After pushing the Pav Seru of rice kept on the door, by the lady of the house, the family enters with other things like .DevaraPhoto, Tulasi Plant, Craddle, milk etc with dhoom-dham wishing the family good health, peace and prosperity.

The next part of the event is boiling the milk until it overflows from the vessel and milk is given to all present for the ceremony.

Sri SatyaNarayana Pooja is normally performed on all auspicious occasion, with chanting of Vishnu Sahasranama.

Invited guests are treated with grand lunch with sweets and payasa.

The procedure were performed on 11th and 12th April at RaVidya's newly acquired apartment M1008, of Salarpuria Celesta near K R Puram at Bengaluru. The apartment is about 1700 sq.ft floor area on the 10th floor,with large sitting/dining hall, large modern ktchen and three balconies overlooking the city view.

We wish them long, peaceful, happy stay and prosperity in their life. GodBless.

written Saturday 15th April 2017

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