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Saturday 22nd April 2017
TaralaBalu Kendra, R T Nagara, NammaBengaluru.

"KANCHUKI" is a Kannada Drama  directed and produced by Divya Karanth, on a story based on  " Sinagarevva mattu Aramane" by Dr ChandraShekara Kambara.

It's about the feelings and emotions of a woman, Singari who is deprived of satisfying her sexual desires by her husband  To what extent she can go, even by pushing her husband, who is impotent and satisfying herself with another man.

The language from North Karnataka, acting and overall presentation of all the actors were very good. The movements, entry and exit of characters were very abrupt and appropriate to the mood of the drama.

"Vaade" is the name of huge house in some parts of North Karnataka, and the owner has large property, wealth and servants. Patil is one such person, but because of some disease, he was impotent.
Singari, his wife and the maid servant Singani are two women around which the story developed and their dialogues were very effective.

Singari and Singani

The play depicts the moving tale of a beautiful, sensitive woman Singari, whose life is made miserable by her greedy father, an impotent husband and an obsessive lover. Her desire to be a wife and a mother is never fulfilled. Humiliated by the society for being a barren woman, in her own way, Singarevva takes revenge against the man who ruin her life.

Patil, Setty and Gowda
Gowda, a womanizer and Setty, a businessman try to acquire Patil's property by some dubious means, using the disability of Patil and through Singari and Melari.

The message from the drama to think about the attitude and interest of woman. There are two ways of arguments.

1.  Progressive women may argue that, what Singari has done is right as she can not be deprived her of sexual desires and a mother because no fault of her own.

2. Traditional woman think that, what came in her fate, would accept and live. She would only think that, may be because of past sin, she has husband with disease. She would hope and pray that one fine day, her husband would become normal and will satisfy her.
Nalini with Director Divya Karanth
The acting of all actors were superb, the music and the stage  decor.

written Monday 24th April 2017

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