Monday, April 24, 2017


Sunday 23rd April 2017

"Bengaluru BSNL employees old temples visit group" regularly organizes the visit to temples around Bengaluru and Karnataka.  We had an opportunity to join the group of 100 people in two big buses. It was a well organized one day tour with breakfast, lunch and dinner at different places for Rs 800 pax.
The place and temples visited were as follows:

1. Wagata - Shri Varadaraja Swamy, Someshwara Temple.


2. BethaMangala - Sri Vijayendra Temple, Anjaneya Temple.

3. Tekal -  Sri VaradaRaja Temple, Anjaneya Temple.

4. Chikka Tirupathi -  Sri Venkateshwara Temple

5. Kalkunte Agrahara - Sri Ranganatha Temple

6. AanaGongana Halli - Sri Baneshwara Swamy Temple.

Left at 7 am from VijayaNagara and returned to K R Puram Tin factory by 8.30pm and with dinner parcel reached home.

Weather was not very hot and the trip was good.

written Monday 24th April 2017  

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