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Thursday, 20th April 2017
Sharada Kalyana Mantapa, Udupi

It was on 11th September 2016, Nivedita, d/o Hebri Ramakrishna Achar got engaged to Sandeep, at grand ceremony at Hebri. It's more than 7 months and the grand wedding took place on 20th April 2017, at Sharada Kalyana Mantapa at Udupi.

Previous day, there was get-together and party for celebrations to begin. Bride and groom's party assembled at the venue for familiarization and socialization and also time for entertainment with songs and dances.There was dinner after the program.

Next day, Thursday, was the wedding at 11 am with large number of relations and friends from both the sides with lot of heavy music, saxophone, keyboard, rhythm pad instruments.Wedding procedure with the Purohit (Priest) chanting mantra, Nivedita and Sandeep exchanged garlands. Then the other rituals of Kanyadaana, SaptaPadi and Mangalyam Tantu Nanena.....

As usual on such occasion, grand traditional lunch follows with 2-3 sweets and the wishing/blessing  of newly married couple for their happy, long married life.

At Beegara Outhana, Bengaluru

The celebrations were grand the party was sooper.

written Thursday 27th April 2017

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