Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Visit : Friday 7th April 2017

That was week long program of festivities at the temple, along with annual "Jaatre", where thousands of people nearby and far away places converge to the temple to have darshan of Shri Ananth Padmanabha.

This year, that was special occasion because of renovation of the temple, BRAHMA KALASHOTSAVA,  "DEVARA PUNAH PRATISHTE" and other procedures. It is massive preparation, with lots devotees donating items in kind and cash.

The celebrations were from 30th March to 10th April 2017.

New sculpture  

Temple entrance

Lord AnanathaPadmanabha is the presiding deity of the temple, situated on the main road. The idol, a beautiful black granite sculpture in standing posture, is three feet in height.

It is said that in the beginning of the 20th century, about half of the Hebri Town was reduced to ashes in a fire accident. The temple RATHA also becae Lord.me victim of the fire. Later devotees offered a new car for the Lord.


The "HEBRI" arrived from Hebberi, a massive drum, (Bheri) an instrument producing huge noise which was used to caution people when there are calamities.

We had darshan of the Lord, walked around the festivities premises and returned.

written Wednesday 12 April 2017

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