Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Monday, 18th April 2017

As we decided to go to ooru by train, booked ticket in advance for day train in Karwar Express, which leaves Yeshwanthpur at 7 am. It was AC ChairCar and journey was smooth.

Sakaleshapur - Subramanya Road segment of the Railway track is one of the most picturesque route in the Western Ghats of South India. This is unique beautiful spot in the whole railway track, because of dense green forest in which it situated. The stretch of the track with length about 52 km has around 57 tunnels and 109 bridges with length varying from few metres to 750 m and the height varying from few metres to 200 metres. The tunnels are absolute terrestrial abyss.

It takes almost 3 hours to cover the distance of 52 km as two engines are added to pull and push the compartments. People stand/sit on the doorways to view the beautiful scenery.  The tail and head of the train could be seen in bends and through the tunnels only lights in the compartment.

It was a journey to enjoy, we waited for long and it was simply beautiful. Hats off to the engineers. architects who designed the route, bridges and tunnels  and the  people who executed it .

The train reached Mangalore Junction at 5.15pm and waiting for one hour before leaving for Udupi. We got off from the train, took an auto reach the city, got into a express bus and reached Udyavar at 7.30 pm.

It was a pleasant jorney, but was little boring.

written 26th April 2017

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  1. Just beautiful Train Journey to remember always...