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Monday 15th May 2017
Ravindra Kalakshetra. NammaBengaluru

Ekaa Dashaanana (ಏಕಾ ದಶಾನನ) Kannada Drama was presented at CGK Rashtriya Rangotsava, as a part of 5-day theater festival in memory of C G KrishnaMoorthy.

Very effective, excellent, short (40 minutes) play was presented by Drama Group from MoodaBidri.


The story taken from Ramayana, the epic, the last part when SriRamachadra was to kill Ravana for all his bad deeds and Adharma acts.

Lanka Ravaneshwara\s having ten heads, highlighting the character of eleventh head, as highly learned person, disciple of SriRama. When SriRama enters Lanka with Vanara Sainya, for a battle with Ravana, he had to perform RamaRaksha Yaaga, but could not find a suitable priest (Purohit), He sends Hanumantha to request Ravana, to be purohit to perform Yaaga. Though he kept Rama\s wife, Sita as captive, he was doubtful whether Ravana will accept his invitation.

Ravana accepts his invitation and begins to perform Yaaga, but raises objection that he should be accompanied by his wife. Though he kept her captive, he releases her for the ritual, then she should go back to captivity at AshokaVana.

JeevanRam Sullya introducing the artists
Eventually, Ravana as a person wins SriRama's heart, but in the battle field, Ravana was killed.

The presentation of the play was superb with lighting effect, sound, stage setting and music. The acting and dialogues by all actors were excellent and hats off to the Director JeevanRam Sullya.

written Tuesday 16th May 2017  

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