Sunday, May 14, 2017


11-12 May 2017 Thur. Friday
Guru Narasimha Kalyana Mantapa, BasavanaGudi, NammaBengaluru

They say, "Marriages are made in Heaven and celebrated here"

It was a life changing event for Navya. D/O of Satish Usha Hande from Mysore. They are well wishers and known to us for a long time. Usha\s parents are Mandarthi Vishwanatha Udupa. also a close well wishers and nice gentleman.

Navya and Neha are daughters of SatishUshaHande.

Wedding was arranged in three stages:

VARAPOOJE AND GET-TOGETHER: That was in the evening of Thursday, 11th May 2017 at the same venue. The parents of Navya and Athreya are seated on the dais and the purohit (priest) administering the procedure of engagement, varapooje and followed by entertainment program as part of get-together.  The young relations and friends of boy and girl dance to the tune of hot music and spread the happiness on the occasion of the wedding celebrations. The program followed by grand dinner at the venue

WEDDING : Friday 12th May, morning, after breakfast, girl's and boys relations and close friends, with grand saree and jewellary welcome the boys relations and friends. The girl's uncle escorts the bride to the dais and the groom standing behind a curtain. With the priests chanting mantra for auspicious occasion and blessing the couple, bride and groom exchange garlands, as the first step of the celebrations/ That is followed by KanyaDaana by bride's parents and other procedures.

SaptaPadi and MangalyaDharana follows and the blessings by by Purohits and elders. Relations and friends wish and bless the newly married couple.

Grand Lunch follows, as usual on such occasion, with variety of items and sweets.

RECEPTION : In the evening after 7pm, again get-together for a formal reception, A music program was arranged for the entertainment of the guests. The guests line up to greet and wish the couple, and for video and photo pose.

A buffet dinner was arranged for all with chat, roti, sweets and much more.

We also wish the newly married NAVYA AND ATHREYA, a long happy married life. God Bless.

written Sunday 14th May 2017

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