Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Wednesday 17th May 2017
Prasanna Kalyana Mandira, NammaBengaluru

Chirag and Anurag with parents

It's the Brahmopadesha of twin boys, CHIRAG and ANURAG, sons of Vaishnavi, d/o of Subbanna and Kusuma of Totadoor. They are relations and well wishers nice people, we had to attend the function.

It is the thread ceremony of boys attaining 8/9 years, entry to formal education in Gurukula in the olden days. Nowadays, it is a function for get-together and socialization of friends and relations.

Subbanna and Shamanna welcomed

with Madhavi, Harish and Mihir
The ceremony followed by sumptuous grand lunch.

written Wednesday 24th May 2017 

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