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Saturday 17th June 2017
H N Kalakshetra, NammaBengaluru

K S NarasimhaSwamy (1915 - 2003) was a Kannada poet, lyricist, and writer. His popular collection of poems "Mysuru Mallige" has seen more than 32 reprints.

K S NarasimhaSwamy Trust organized an event to pay tribute to the Kannada Scholar with two award presentation to Poet K S Nisar Ahmed and Singer Ratnamala Prakash.

Ratnamala Prakash

Prof. K S Nisar Ahmed
The highlight of the program was presentation of award was done by 105-year old scholar Prof G VenkataSubbaih on the dais and spoke about K N NarasimhaSwamy for more than 20 minutes, remembering the time he spent and encouraging the poet.

Dr Nisar Ahmed 80- year old "Nityotsava" fame poet, receiving the award spoke in length about his association with KSN and thanked the trust members for honoring him.
Prof G VenkataSubbaih Speaking
Ratnamala Prakash, with her melodious voice sang few Kannada songs, accompanied by Kikkeri KrishnaMoorthy.

It was an well organized event with Archana Udupa rendering few KSN songs in the beginning.

written Tuesday 20th June 2017

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