Thursday, July 13, 2017


Saturday 8th July 2017
Krishna Mutt, Udupi


UAE Brahmana Samaja, Dubai, started in 2003 by a group of like minded Brahmins with our initiative, is continuing it year round activities in its fourteenth year.

Presently the samaja is continuing all its activities with the active leadership of Sudhaker Rao Pejavar.

The latest of Samaja\s activities was collection of funds for a room in AnandThirtha Vidyalaya (School) at Pajaka, near Udupi, the initiative of Paryaya Pejavar Swamiji. The 86-year old, frail, controversial  Sri Sri VishweshaThirtha Swamiji at his fifth paryaya of Krishna Mutt, is very active.

The presentation of Rs 10 Lakh cheque to Swamiji was fixed for Saturday 8th July at Krishna Mutt, Udupi. Those who present were Sudhaker Rao-Latha, KrishnaRaja Tantry-Sulatha, Madhusudan Talithaya- Pushpa ,Manohar Rao, Dayanada Debbar, VasuBhat-Vani, Hemalatha Holla, Ramachandra Udupa, of course, me and Nalini and few others.

After Lord Krishna Darshan, we had grand lunch at Chowki, VIP dining hall along with Senior and Junior Pejavar Swamiji, The meal was special, called Chaturmaasa, with no vegetables, split grain etc. It was sweets jahangir, shira, and payasa with lot of ghee used.

After lunch we had "Manthrakshathe", blessings from Swamiji in his room.




In the evening at 6pm, we again gathered at "Rajangana" , function hall for presentation ceremony, with Dr Anand Bairy conducting the program., with both Swamijis present on the dais. With the main five members of the committee called on to the stage for presentation of Rs 10 lac cheque with fruit basket. The Swamiji honoured the members with shawl and manthrakshathe and commended the Brahmana Samaja,Dubai for bringing together Brahmanas in a foreign country.

Sudhaker Rao Pejavar proposed vote of thanks, specially thanking the donors for fund raising.

written Friday, 14th July 2017

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