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Saturday 1st July 2017
RangaShankara, NammaBengaluru.


Singer, Director B Jayashari's Kannada Drama "Sadarame" , being staged with number of house full shows at RangaShankara, Bengaluru. When I checked on the previous day for online booking, it was showing "sold out" for all shows. However, as we were in the Jayanagara Area with Usha-Suresh, from Mysore, old family friend, we decided to check for the availability of counter ticket. To our surprise, it was available and we could watch the show.

A play rich in "navarasa", Sadarame is replete with unforgettable characters, the ingenious Sdarame, the trickster Kalla,  ( ಕಳ್ಳ) the innocent Jayaweera, the mean Bangaru Shresti and the apparently comic, but cruel Adimoorthy. It's the revival of Gubbi Compamy Play, is Director B Jayashree in the role Kalla (ಕಳ್ಳ), the trickster immortalized by her grandfather, the legendary Gubbi Veeranna.

The story revolves around a beautiful, innocent girl, Sadarame, who marries Prince Jayaweera. The prince previously refused to marry but wanted to go for studying Vedanta, changes his mind. His father had to abdicate throne for the greed of  Sadarame's father Bangaru Shresti.

The young couple leaves the kingdom, reaches another kingdom, where the King falls in love with Sadarame and puts Jayweera in jail. Sadarame's characteristic intelligence gets him out from jail and lands herself with a thief ( B Jayashree), who is humorous and clever.

In the end, again it is the cleverness of Sadarame , she rejoins her husband with happy ending.

The play is presented very well which suits the typical taste of rural mass for entertainment, with silly jokes and funny acting.

Changing stage screens, melodious harmonium play and singing by the actors were pleasing.

written 3rd July 2017

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