Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Sunday 2nd July 2017
TaralaBalu Kendra, R T Nagara, NammaBengaluru

Suvarna Prasdhana YakshaRanga, Yakshabhinaya organized Yakshagana by amateurs and professionals at TaralaBalu Centre on Sunday 2nd July, at 5pm to 8 pm. The show has been presented by the initiative of KrishnaPrasad, a keen yakshagana enthusiast.

The story line (Prasanga) is DAKSHA YAJNA. King Daksha marries his daughter Dakahsayini to Ishwara. Once in Indra's Asthana, Yaaga was to be performed with leadership of Ishwara, inviting all Kings, Devathas and Brahmanas. When King Daksha arrives at the convention, Ishwara did not give proper respect, so Daksha get offended and abuses Ishwara in front of all the guests and decides take revenge.

Daksha organizes Yajna, where deliberately he doesn't invite Ishwara, and Dakshayini insists on going to Yajna program to meet relatives and the see the celebrations. She was insulted by Daksha and she gets angry and wild, wanted to go into the fire but was not prevented. She goes into yoga samadhi and immortalizes herself.
On hearing this, Ishwara gets wild, creates all powerful VeeraBhadra and orders him to kill Daksha and others which he does it dutifully. Ishwara prays to YajnaNarayana to get back his wife as Parvathi.
Veteran artist Sudhindra Holla as Ishwara, young and upcoming artist Sudhir Uppor as Dakshayini and young artist KrishnaChaitanya as VeeraBhadra performed superbly bringing Navarasa (Sringara, Hasya, Karuna, Roudra, Veera, Bhayanaka, Beebathsa, Adbutha and Shanta) on stage.

As Yakshagana is folk art which consists of dance, heavy costumes, dialogues, beautiful singing by Bhagavataru, accompanied by Mrindanga and Chande.



It was an excellent 3 - hour free program, really pleasure to watch.

written Wednesday 5th July 2017

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