Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Tuesday 15th August 2017

We have hoisted India's National flag in the corridor of our house "BirthiMane" this morning.

Flag Hoisting at "BirthiMane" Bengaluru
Coffee Board Park also arranged a program for celebrating 71st Independence Day, Flag hoisting and a short speech by PuttaSwamy.

Sudents of Suma Public School

Coffee Board Park, NammaBengaluru
Retired military person MohanLal hoisted the National Flag and remembered about Uttam Singh who saw people killed by General Dyre at JalianwalaBagh. Uttam Singh struggled to go to UK, worked and followed Dyre and shot him dead in a function, where he was boasting of himself.

MohanLal is now a active social worker around BhuvaneshwariNagar, promotes clean environment, swachh Bharat and tree planting. The program also had students of Suma Public School with band set.

There was shouting of  "Bolo Bharath MathaKi Hai" and "Vande Matharam"

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