Saturday, August 5, 2017


Friday, 4th August 2017
Subramanya Mutt, BasavanaGudi, NammaBengaluru.

"NAMAKARANA" is the naming ceremony of a newborn child and parents celebrating successful arrival of new member of the family.Dr SantoshKumar-DrChaitra were celebrating the arrival of their son, named Siddharth, with relations and friends,

Dr Chaitra is the daughter of Lakshmeesha Adiga,a close relation, who lives in Ramanagara, near Bengaluru.

VatsalaKedilaya, Nalini, PrabhakarKedilaya, Karantha

SridharAdiga, waiting for greensignal
The occasion follows grand lunch, with socializing and finding and catching up with acquaintances, who have not met for quite some time.

Several course lunch with Holige and MysuruPak as special sweets.

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