Monday, August 28, 2017


Sunday. 27th August 2017

There was an excellent presentation of street drama with concept of "SAVE WATER" by Drushti group of students of Christ College, NammaBengaluru, in the morning hours. at Cubbon Park.

Almost about 25 - 30 boys and girls, with black costume, with little bit of face painting, were trying to get the attention of people in the park, who come for morning walk

Eventually, the students gathered near the round about and began their performance. There was one guy with a small drum to draw the attention.

The idea was to create awareness about use of water, how we waste water, how we pollute the rivers and cut trees and eventually what can happen one day.

The involvement and enthusiasm of students were amazing, their actions, movement, expressions and the act was superb.

You can see a small video clip of the show.

Congratulations students, you have done a good job. Keep it up.

Posted Monday 28th August 2017

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