Tuesday, December 5, 2017


2, 3, 4,December 2017
R S B Sabha Bhavan, Manipal/ MayaGundi, UdupiPuttur.

Niranjan is the son of Jayalakshmi-KrishnaMoorthy Bhat, MayaGundi, UdupiPuttur. JayaLakshmi is the daughter of my sister Bhagirathi (Baabi). He is Engineer and works in Bengaluru. His wedding was fixed with Vinaya on 3rd December at RSB SabhaBhavana, Manipal.  We were more than happy to attend all the functions.

Day 1: VaraPooje and Get-together at the same place in the evening. Relations and guests arrive by 6pm, after formalities of VaraPooje, entertainment program was arranged with some games , songs, dance and photo sessions, followed by dinner.


Day 2: Wedding: Arrival of groom's party with pomp and noise (Dibbana) at 8.30 am, boy's parents were honoured and the breakfast. Wedding formalities with exchanging garlands, Kanyadana, MangalyaDharana and SaptaPadi etc follows. and the grand lunch , of course.

Day 3: Chandika Homa at Puttur DurgaParameshwari Temple and "Aarathakahsthe" MayaGundi "Bhagirathi" House and grand lunch.



There was a music concert by Pandit Ravikiran Manipal at Kittu's house premises, which appear in a separate blog.

Wishing Niranjan and Vinaya, Long Happy Married life.

posted Wednesday 6th Dec.2017

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