Sunday, December 10, 2017


Sunday, 10th December 2017
RangaShankara, NammaBengaluru

"ShalaBhanjike", Kannada Drama is story from the history of RashtraKoota King DantiDurga, presented by AnthaRanga Drama Group.

A female "RoopaDarshi", damsel is atracted by a sculptor Govinda. He creates a beautiful "Shilpa" of her and calls it MalaDevi.

King DantiDurga ia fascinated by the creation of Mala and falls in love and starts looking for her in his Kingdom and the neighboring Kingdom of NagaBhata. NagaBhata tells him that Roopadarshi found the sculptor in the river, took him home and spend the night. Hearing this DantiDurha kills NagaBhata and prays in a temple and finds Sculptor Govinda.

Govinda says though he spent a night with Roopadarshi Mala, he did not see her in a sexual thinking and he wanted to build a beautiful temple with MalaDevi as the Goddess.

Not happy with the sculptor, DantiDurga orders soldiers to capture Govinda, and in the process and shilpa he created breaks and he dies with that.

Eventually, he finds out that the damsel was his wife.

The presentation of 75-minutes play was good with narrating the story with two people travelling in a train.

Pusha-Madhusudan joined us to watch the play.

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