Sunday, January 21, 2018


Saturday 20th January 2018
K H KalaSoudha, HamumanthNagara, NammaBengaluru.

Opening song by the artists
Suyoga School of Arts, as a part of their Annual Day Program, presented Kannada Drama " Bhaartha Yaatre", at K H KalaSoudha, hanumanthNagar, NammaBengaluru.

The concept and story line of the play was good. The presentation could have been better with little bit of accompanying music.

Scenes of the play
RamaKrishna Jois, lead role in the play sets out for pilgrimage of India (Bhaaratha Yaatre) from his hometown, not with an intention of visiting holy places or temples but with mission to find answers to some of the nagging questions about life and living.

Mr Jois, during his tour of India, meets various people at different situations and interacts with them to hear their stories about their living and haunting issues. People whom he meets are,
1. a woman, who narrates her story when he was doing Tulsi Pooja at home,
2. a politician from Andhra, speaking little bit of Kannada during his train journey, and says how politicians are treating people,
3. a revolutionary (kranthikaari) woman is a hotel room, had issues about her life and how she became a revolutionary carrying a gun,
4. a consultant, traveling in a flight, says he earns money apparently fooling people,
5. a musician, singing English songs with guitar, posing as an Englishman,
6. an Muslim auto driver at Ahmedabad, trying to find answers to why muslims and hindus are killing each other, like the case of Godhra,
7. meets his own son, having a party with drinks with friends in Mumbai, discussing various issues and each one having questions about life.

Finally, Jois meets a Saint in Haridwar, where he asks questions raised by all people whom he met.
He says "Om Shivam" is the answer to all issues, and we have no answers.


The dialogues, situations, acting and movements were all good. During the change of scenes, there was vacuum on stage, which could be filled with some relevant music.

However, the play kept the audience in rapt attention throughout 90-minutes play.

Posted Sunday, 21st January 2018

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