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17 - 18 January 2018

After successfully completing the Panchama Paryaya of Pejavara Sri Vishwesha Thirtha Swamiji of Pejavar matha, Senior Pontiff, 86 year old frail, well known person, handed over the administration and to perform Pooja rituals to Sri Krishna, to Sri Vidyadeesha Thirtha Swamiji of Palimaru Matha.

The paryaya, the religious ritual takes place every alternate years for the Ashta Matha of Udupi.

The rotation privilege of worshiping Lord Krishna amongst the eight mathas is fixed.

1. Palimaru Matha  (2018 -2020)
2. Adamaru Matha, (2020 - 2022)
3. Krishnapura Matha  (2022 - 2024)
4. Puttige Matha, (2024 - 2026)
5. Shiroor Matha, (2026 - 2028)
6. Sodhe Matha,  (2028 - 2030)
7. Kaaniyuru Matha, (2030 - 2032)
8. Pejavara Matha. (2032 - 2034)

Mom with her friend Usha Umesh traveled to Udupi on 16th night bus and reached 17th morning.

The thottilu utsava od Sri Krishna was performed by the outgoing Pejavar Swamiji, on the night of 17th Jan.

The Paryaya takes place in the early hours of 18th Jan. and preparations start from the previous year itself. The ascending Swamiji Sri Vidyadeesha Thirtha of Palimaru matha, goes to Dandathirtha at the early hours, 3 am and takes dip at holy pond and does pooja as per tradition. Then he enters Udupi city in a procession from Jodukatte, along with other Swamjis, carried in a palanquin along with cultural shows, plays, music and band.

The ascending Swamiji then enters Krishna Matha accompanied by outgoing Swamiji, where the reins of Krishna Matha, Akshaya Patre, shrine keys were handed over to ascending Swamiji.

A formal Durbar  and public ceremony takes place at Rajangana for the general public.

The city is in festive mood, people from far and near come to Udupi in thousands to get Krishna Darshana and free grand lunch is provided to all at Bhojana Shale, Anantheshwara Temple and ChandraMoulishwara Temple premises.

The evening is time for shopping and socializing.

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