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Sunday, 25th Feb. 2018
Nayana SabhaBhavana, NammaBengaluru.

"Yaksha Degula",is a pioneering association promoting Yakshagaana for last 40 years in Bengaluru. Every year they identify and honour a distinguished  Yakshagaana artist. This year it was Keppekere Gajanana Heggade, a noted and a fine Yakshagaana Bhagavataru for last 40 years.
He was honoured with a shawl, memento and a cash amount for his dedicated service to the performing art, Yakshagaana.

KeppeKere Gajanana Heggade receiving honour

In his reply, he said that Yakshagaana is losing its original form and being commercialized. The whole night performance with novel stories from Ramayana, MahaBharatha, with strong message to the society is made into a short piece for entertainment.

Sujayeendra Hande as Sudarshana
YakshaGaana, performing art from coastal Karnataka is rich in songs, dance, costume, and dialogues and messages to society. Bhaagavataru is the man who sings with accompaniment of instruments like Taala, harmonium, Mridanga, and Chande. The artist with heavy costumes dances with different styles and verity, sometimes for 10 to 15 minutes continuously and explains the meaning of songs with actions.
"Sudarshana GarvaBhanga", was a story from MahaBharatha, where Devendra was defeated by a Rakshasa and he pleads to SrimanNarayana to kill this Daanava. The king Sudarshana was able to kill him his metal chakra, and he became very proud. He considers himself above everybody and this angers Narayana and he curses him. After realizing his behaviour, he repents and he realizes that "Shodhane" (realization)  must lead to "Saadhane" (Performance) and not to "Vedane" (pain).


It was a splendid performance by all artists. Special mention must be made to excellent performance by Sujayendra Hande, who acted as Sudarshana. Be it dance, dialogues, expressions or acting, it was simply superb.

It was 2- hour show on stage with no special lighting arrangement,  but real entertainment and strong message, which could be applicable even today. "Don't become too proud".

                                                               VIDEO JHALAK

posted Tuesday 27th Feb.2018

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