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Sunday 4th March 2018
RangaShankara, NammaBengaluru.

Kalavidaru with T S NagaBharana
An excellent old Kannada Drama, "Harischandra Kavya" was presented by BENAKA  Theater group at RangaShankara, NammaBengaluru.

The play is adapted from Raghavanka, a noted Kannada writer in the 12-13th century. His famous "Shatpadi", Harischandra Charitham, is in 6 verse poem in Kannada literature.  The herculean task of selecting 115 shatpadi verses and presenting the production was done by Shri K G Mahabaleshwar.


The play is about truthfulness of King Harischandra, who undergoes several hardships due to challenge thrown by Saint Vishwamitra in Devendra's court. With so many difficulties, the King leaving his Kingdom, selling his wife and child, working in a crematorium, child killed by a serpent, wife accused of killing some one, etc etc Harischandra mainatains his truthfulness and ultimately Saint Vishwamitra fails in his challenge.

The presentation of play directed by T S NagaBharana,a noted film and theater personality with music, songs and screen play was excellent. The acting of all the artists was superb, the style of King's sitting posture with half folded legs and half standing posture, was unique.

About 100-minutes play with a 10 minutes break had optimum stage setting to suit the scenes.

It was a superbly presented with old kannada dialogues.

Posted Wednesday 7th March 2018

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