Tuesday, March 13, 2018

HOMA, POOJA at Dr Thavamani

Saturday, 10th March 2018
NKGSB Bank Building, 4th Floor,
Ramamandir Road, RajajiNagara,Bengaluru

Dr Tavamani Pannerselvam was a Medical Officer at Our Own High School, Al Warqa, when I was Supervisor at the same school, working.

She left the school in 2013, and has a medical Centre at Sharjah, which is taken care by her son and daughter-in-law.

She frequently visits Sharjah and when in Bengaluru, she  does lot of social work, health awareness program and actively involved in Wellness of people.

She is also disciple of ISKCON, "Hare Krishn Movement" and organized pooja and homa at her residence every year.

She gave the  invite to us to attend the program at her house, which was conducted by Radhe Shyam Das, former priest from ISKCON. His methods were very systematic, material used for fire, Mangalaarathi, and pravachana was unique. It is also involvement of everybody present in the program, and prayers to attain divinity.

Pooja went on till 1.45 pm after which there was Prasada, with sumptuous meal for everybody.

It was a very effective homa and pooja for all attended. GodBless Dr Thavamani and her Family.

posted Wednesday 14th March 2018

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