Sunday, March 18, 2018


Sunday 18th March 2018
Ranga Shankara, NammaBengaluru

Thaaayavva - a beautiful musical Kannada Drama was witnessed at RangaShankara, Bengaluru on 18th March 2018.

The highlight of the drama was the celebrity singer M D Pallavi, in the lead role as Thaayavva and Chintan Vikas also a good singer was on variety of supporting role. The singing was sooper with a mild background music.

Thaayavva, means mother,  is a widow of about 50 years, struggles to carry on with her life with her lonely son. She tries to deconstruct the modern system in her own way, She tries to reconcile the oppostes, haves to deconstruct themselves while constructing better life for the have nots.

While Gram Seva Sangh was struggling to construct these ideas, a new form of Sales Tax called GST was imposed om handmade products in India. The Indian economy that had already been beaten up took a further beating. Gram Seva Sangh raised its voice. Thaayavva is offshoot of this struggle.


Thaayavva, widow, a selfish mother and not selfish in a sense. It's sense of protecting a pogeny. Her son becomes an activist in the cause of homemade products. She tries to protect him. She dies in a police shooting. The mother becomes an activist. She is both metaphor and a meaning.

The play is musical and a celebration. She celebrates joy of deconstruction as opposed to destruction. She deeonstructs even God. God, for her, is a labouring and hardworking metaphor.

Cast and Crew:
Taayavva - M D Pallavi
Policeman, Geluva - Chinthan Vikas
Mallige, Kshaya - Sitara
The Comedian - M C Anand
Cheluva - Shiva
Allaha Baksh - Shashikumar
Kariya - Panchaksharaiah
The Music band leader - Ramkrishna
Group - Raj, Ranjith, Anil and Moon
Sets and Property - Shashidhar Adapa
Lightings - Ravi
Costume - Shekar
Composer - M D Pallavi
Assistant Director - Mahantesh Ragi Kana
Writer and Directed by - Prasanna.

The 90-minutes play with many songs rendered beautifully, touches one's heart and soul, empathy for the hardworking for working class for both ends to meet for survival.

posted Monday 19th March 2018


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