Sunday, April 1, 2018

GRUHA PRAVESHA - AnanthKumarSandhya Tantry

Thursday/Friday : 29 - 30 March 2018
Prestige Misty Waters, Kempapura, Hebbala, Bengaluru.

AnanthKunarSandhya Tantry is a family friend from Dubai years. They have been in the close family circles , Sugama Sangeetha Bhajans Group and Dubai Brahmana Samaja Activities.

Their sons Anuroop and Anirudh had been my students at Our Own High School AlWarqa, Dubai.

The Gruha Pravesha Program of the flat they purchased at Prestige Misty Waters were on Thursday night for Vasthu Homa, and Friday for Gruha Pravesha and SatyaNarayana Pooja.

It was an occasion to meet friends from Dubai, many are relocated back in Bengaluru and catch up with the latest in their life.

There was Madhu/Pushpa Talithaya, Sridhar/Tara Family, Ramachandra/Rajani Family, VeenaRajaKumar Family, Latha Sudhaker, GeethaManohar Rao,Ramesh/Aruna.

It was time for nostalgia of those years remembered.

Grand lunch was organized in the ClubHouse with sweets and number of variety items.

After lunch friends came to our house for coffee,

posted Monday 2nd April 2018

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