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Wednesday, 25th April 2018
Balekudru, Hangarakatte, Near Udupi

Balekudru is my mother's father's place. There were times when my mother used to carry me to Balekudru, when there is a function in the house. There is a river we have to cross by boat. Only one boat ferries people across the river.

When we reach the grandfather's house, I go around the compound, there is also a naaga bana (where serpent stones) and placed under banyan tree.

Under the same tree there was pooja and homa performed by Mr and Mrs Prabhakar Kedilaya, as an annual event. As it is performed by ancestors from generations.

We were there to attend the pooja and after mangalarathi, all proceeded to RamaMandira nearby, where we had grand lunch.

posted Saturday, 5/5/2018

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