Sunday, May 6, 2018


April 25 - 30, 2018

The word is OORU means native place and around, where you are born and brought up, went to school and college, people identify you as person from this place. It's identification from the family, generations and ancestors.


Number of places nearby. you have been to their place for some occasion or functions, as the years pass by, older generation disappear, new generation with new ideology, sometimes in the old bottle. happens.

So visiting places is to know and acquaint yourself. Some of the places we visited this time are:

1. Anegudde Vinayaka Temple - Old temple renovated, lot of people have belief and reverence. feel there is energy, regularly visited.

There comes up another huge another Temple, named Sri DurgaParameshwari Temple nearby, with lot of commercial touch with business prospectus in mind. With due respect, devotion and dedication can not forced with outside attractions.

2. Hungarakatte, near Balekudru, the place the river meets up with sea and some industries like plywood established years ago and fisheries. A relation VishnuMurthy Upadhya and his wife Sudha lives there in a 100 year old huge house. It is amazing to hear that there were 20 -25 people living the same house for some years and now a couple lives there.

3. Mandarthi - Sri DurgaParameshwari Temple, a place where one feels like for darshana and get blessings. Visited the place number of times before, this time also visited.

4. Visit to Kamala Radhakrishna Upadhya - at Kukkikkatte, near Udupi, a friend and well wisher  from Dubai days. They have a new nicely built house and our Dubai friends together visited their place.

5. KrishnaMoorthy Bhat's ANTIQUE HOUSE in Mayagundi, PutturUdupi - a nephew by relation is quite simple guy but has lot of ideas and interest in maintaining antique things, which he collects them various places and arranges them nicely for display. Visitors appreciate "Kittu's" interest in displaying them and maintaining it.

6. Amji GopalKrishna Bhat's house near Karje, Brahmavara - a distant relation, 90- year old GopalKrishna Bhat talks about the hard days he has gone through, difficult times when no money, family and children. He says, now by the grace of God, he lives a comfortable life in a huge house, with children settled with their life. He live with his wife and son's family,

7. Prabhakara Upadhya/Arundhathi  house at Perampalli, near Manipal, known since Dubai years, is a Yoga Therapist, conducting c;asses in Manipal.

8. PrabhakaraKandiga/Sumangali House at Parampalli, Saligrama, people who have known during Brahmana Samaja, Dubai years.

Posted Monday 7th May 2018

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