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Saturday/Sunday 14-15 July 2018
Trip to Srikalahasthi, PadmavathiAmma at Tirupathi and Sri Venkateshwara at Tirumala

It is the second trip in thee months and to go there was decided May and accordingly did the online special Darshana booking for Nalini, Vijayalakshmi, Sujatha Rao and Ramakrishna at Rs 300.00 each. and I was getting special darshana from Senior Citizen entance.

We set out on Saturday, 14th July at 8.30 am as planned since Vijaya and Sujatha came to Bengaluru previous night. We reached SriKalahasthi teple,  distance of 285 km, at 2 pm as more than half the journey was on road under construction, many detours and diversion.

The temple is  magnificent structure, initially built in 5th century by Pallava Dynasty and the temple received contributions from Chola Dynasty and Vijayanagara Empire. The hundred pillared with intricate carvings were commissioned by Sri Krishnadevarya  regime in 1516 AD,

There are number of legends about the temple. Lord Vayu performed penace and there after Karpoora Vayu Linga by all worshippers. It is revered as one of Panch Bhoota Stala where presiding deity is worshipped as Vayu, It is believed that performing "Rahu Ketu" pooja will ward the people from astrological effects.

After Darshana, had lunch at a hotel and proceeded to Tirupathi, a distance of 4 km and reached Padmavathi Temple, which was about to close, but somehow, with police entry gate we managed to go inside and visited the shrine "PADMAVATHI" and Balarama..

We left from the temple and proceeded to Tirumala, a distance of 23 km. We had to pass through high security screening gate at the bottom of the Tirumala Betta. The ghat road is winding and many hairpins and reached the Udupi Pejavar Mutt for night's accommodation.

Tirumala is hilly temple town, abode of Lord Venkateshwara,

As I have booked for special darshana for all except me, since I could go on Senior Citizen category, me and mom went 6.30am for getting token for senior citizen entry point, after waiting in the line for an hour we got our tokens for darshana. We came to mutt, had breakfast and again went back to entry point to carry us to waiting lounge. We were served with hot pongal and milk. After an hour of waiting, proceeded for darshana of Lord Venkateshwara (Balaji), and came outside within half an hour. It's amazing that Lord Srinivasa mesmerizes thousands of devotees everyday and people struggle to have darshana. It was apparently easy for us, collected "Tirupathi Laddu", had free lunch at Uttaradi Mutt, got ready to travel back to and left Tirumala Pejavara Mutt by 2 pm.

On the way back, in the mountain road stopped for some time to visit "DeerPark", and also stopped for "Kumbakonam Degree coffee". Reached Ravian's apartment by 9 pm, had nice food prepared by him, reached home "BirthiMane" by 10 pm, thus ending two day pleasant trip to Tirupathi with five people in the car.

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