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Friday, 6th July 2018
GuruNarasimha Kalyana Mantapa, Bengaluru

It was the wedding of grandson of P K Vittala Rao, who had been the Headmaster my school, S M S, High School, Brahmavara, Udupi District. He is now 86 years, maintaining good health, lives with his at CoffeeBoard Layout in Bengaluru.

SanathKumar is the son of Pratibha, Vittala Rao's daughter.

Wedding celebrations were grand, lot of people, relations and friends.

Udupi Pejavar Mutt Senior and Junior Swamiji came to wedding hall and blessed the young couple.

with ManoharRao, Vittala Rao

"Beeda" after heavy meal
Grand wedding feast, usual at such function was enjoyed by all.

posted Wednesday, 11th July 2018

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