Saturday, June 17, 2017


Saturday 17th June 2017
Ranga Shankara, Namma Bengaluru.
"CHITRA" - was one of the play presented as a part of Sripad Bhat's "Natakotsava" at RangaShakara. It was three-day drama festival by a very creative, innovative director Sripad Bhat.

Chitra is a story linked to Partha from MahaBharatha. It is the conflict about a woman's real love and superficial love, natural beauty and artificial beauty.
M S Satyu felicitating the artists
Chitra, a princess, during her hunting expedition, comes across man "Partha" sitting alone on a rock and attracted by him and falls in love. When she asks his companionship, he refuses since he was observing bachelorhood for a year.
Presenting the artists
Chitra, disappointed and offended by the man and goes to Goddess of Love "Madana" for her help. She gets superficial beauty from Madana and her team, returns to Partha, who couldn't believe his eyes of "SuraSundari" Chitra and falls in love, she responds and they unite.
a young artist
Partha appreciates her natural beauty rather than artificial make up and they marry to live together.

The play was more of Dance-Drama, presented beautifully by group of young dancers with near perfect movements and actions. The dialogues, presentation, music and singing was excellent.

with Director Dr Sripad Bhat
80-minute play had very impressive stage setting and hats off to the very creative Director Sripad Bhat.

written Sunday 18th June 2017


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