Sunday, August 21, 2011


Nostalgia of younger days...... on the day of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, eagerly waiting for unde, chakkuli, avalakki and paayasa........ my appa always used to delay finishing pooja.....  and amma never allow us to touch anything before it is presented to Lord Shri Krishna....... who was born on midnight of today.....
Welcome the Lord at Midnight
It is only at midnight between the first and the second day that birth of Sri Krishna took place. The actual festivities begin during midnight. The celebration reaches its peak at midnight, with the birth of Lord Krishna, with lot of hymns, arti taking place and blowing of the Conch (shankh), rocking the cradle of Lord. The idol of lord is bathed with Panchamrit (A mixture of milk, ghee, oil, honey and Gangajal). The Panchamrit is later distributed as Prasad to the devotees along with other sweets. While some Fast on the first day and break it at midnight. The period coincides with rainy season.
So it was today....... celebrations with unde, chakkuli and paayasa......
Greetings on the occasion of Shri Krishna Janmaashtami........


It's at FREEDOM PARK in Bengalooru...... Gatherings of students, techies, young & old, families with children...... in support of Anna Hazare's movement for Jana Lokpal Bill...... Bill in parliament which will make the politicians shudder for their ill-gotten wealth, black money......
one message goes round like this.......Do you know what will happen if 1456 Lac Crore rupees comes back.....??.......India will be financially No.1........each district will get 60000 crores.....1 village will get 100 need to pay tax for 20 years...... petrol will be 25 Rs, Diesel 15 Rs, Milk 8 Rs (Petrol now 72 Rs per litre)....... 1500 Oxford like universities cane be built....... No need to electricity bill.....28000 km of rubber road like in Paris can made........2000 hospitals with all facilities free........ 95 crore people will have their own house........
Gandhian Anna Hazare is ordinary man who shot to fame at the age of 74 years.......  anna syndrome has got the frenzy of young and old......  black money must come back..... corrupt people must be punished..
Government is not apparently willing to yield to pressure..... says parliament is supreme, where representatives of people have to decide......
Hazare is fasting along with scores of other people..... it's peoples's movement.....

Saturday, 20 Aug 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


15th August..... the whole country is celebrating 65th independance day...... participated in the celebrations at Hongirana School of Excellence at Amtekoppa, Sagar District. I had the honour to be the chief guest at the function organized by children at the school auditorium ......first the guard of hnour, flag hoisting and the cultural program...... speeches, acrobatics, drama on freedom struggle, patriotic songs and couples from various parts of India..... Unity in diversity......

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Sagar is district headquarters, a distance of about 380 km from Bangalore. The world famous Jog Galls is near Sagar. It's so amazing to see so many known and unknown places near Sagara, in a radius of
50 kms. Only when some one is keen to see for themselves, one realizes the history, rich heritage,and culture of India in the golden days of kings and rulers of the region.

It was Sunday,. We set out on a sight seeing trip in the Hogirana School bus, courtesy , Shobha Madam, Prncipal and CEO of the school, who also was resource person.
1. SIDDAPURA - Shamkara Mutt, established by Sringeri Swamiji some years ago, has Dhyana Mandira, a large hall for meditation and temples for worshiping.There is also Sasya Kashi, a garden opposite to Mutt, which contains Ayurvedic and medicinal plants.
 2.BHUVANAGIRI - on top of hills with Bhuvaneshwari as deity.
3. GOL BAAVI - at Biligi, built during Vijayanagara Urs empire. 60ft deep, believed to have tunnel and can walk down the steps and see the open air. It was slippery, contained water and people around said that there may be snakes.
5. JAIN BASADI - built for Jain Theerthankaras, by the Kings, believed to be 800 years old, made by stones, contains lot of sculpture, carvings and shaashanas.. Now under the control of Central Government's archeology departments.
6. ITIGI - age old Rameshwara temple, built almost 600 years ago....
7. BILIGI CASHEW NUT FACTORY:- Srinivas Pai was in full enthusiasm to entertain and show us the places around, also organized lunch at his residence for all of us. His family was involved in taking care of us with humility. His grandchildren were equally excited about our teams visit. He took us to his cashew nut factory (Small scale industry), where few women break the cashew using small machines.
A temple built on top of a hill some centuries ago.... amidst huge rocks, There are more than 100 steps to climb up to reach the temple. Mostly devadasis worship Godess Renukamba for their well being.
Another place, Gudavi, about 25 km distance, has bird sanctuary, a large protected area with thousands of birds of different varieties, in a lovely scenic area, also has viewers gallery at various points. Pathways, walk bridges and children's play area also in the premises. An hour or more can be spent watching the birds.
It was a well spent day...... didn't feel tired after so much walking, climbing....... Thanks to Shobha madam for taking initiative to show the places around......
Tue, August 16, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

ಆಂಚು - ಎಸ್. ಎಲ್. ಭೈರಪ್ಪ

Anchu is a unique novel based on two characters: Dr. Amrutha, an educated woman, being deceived in life, takes out all her anger and frustration on the man, Somshekhara, an architect, who loves her with honest dedication. The novel concentrates on inner subtle psychological and emotional dynamics of the characters without perceivable external incidents and actions.
Dr Amrutha's suicidal tendencies and her attempts with revolver takes the reader to the edge and Somshekhar's extra-ordinary patience and tolerance is well narrated by the author.
Friday, 12 Aug 2011