Friday, January 27, 2017


Thursday 26th January 2017
RangaShankara, JP Nagara, NammaBengaluru.

The play is about six college friends, Aarthi, Haritha, Bhaskar, Abdul, Tejas, Raman and the consequences of their get-together after six years over drinks party. To pass time, they decided to play a game "Truth and only Truth" to reveal their own truth each. They put their names on a slip and pick and must reveal their truth.

Just through their game, they were shocked to know that there is dead body outside the door and they are all confused what to do. Somehow, they take the body out and throw it somewhere.
WAITING IN THE LINE, Nalini, Pushpa, others
The story is about how each of the six friends reveal their past (Anaavarana) . Haritha wanted to marry Abdul when her father was not willing, Aarthi was in love with Tejas, who was a gay, Bhaskar with imaginary high flying life was really very poor with no money etc etc...

The play contains lot of laughter, emotions and facts of life. The presentation and acting by all actors were good and the suspense was kept throughout. It was 80-minutes play and there was no presentation of artists, as normal in the other plays. Lighting and stage setting was good.

written Saturday 28th Jan.2017


Sunday 15th January 2017

It was get-together of friends who were working in Dubai/AbuDhabhi/Sharjah for RE-LIVING the memories of bygone era.

Incidentally. UshaSuresh Cukkemane was celebrating the visit of their daughter Archana, grand daughter Nayana and son-in-law Mahesh from US.

with Mahesh, Suresh and Madhu

We decided to go by train to Mysuru, hence booked tickets in Shatabdi Express leaving city railway station at 11am.  Madhusudan and Pushpa decided later and joined us and we traveled together. The train arrived half an hour late and reached Mysuru at 1.40 pm and we proceeded to Suresh's house and joined others for lunch.

There were SV Bhat-AshaBhat, Prasad-NagamaniPrasad, Umesh-Jayashri, Madhusudan-Pushpa and of course the host Usha-Suresh and Archana family, were friends and family who were in Dubai.

Remembering those days post lunch session, we spent time, there was cutting of cake and song from Archana, who emotional remembering the past.

We booked the return journey in Titicorn Express leaving at 6pm and reached Bengaluru at 9pm and reached home by wuber taxi by 10pm.

ARCHANA with her daughter Nayana
It was a pleasant trip and cherished the memories.

written late Saturday 28th Jan,2017

Sunday, January 15, 2017


Saturday, 14th January 2017
K H KalaSoudha, HanumanthNagara, Namma Bengaluru.

The play is about the transformation of a balloon selling village girl, talking in typical arrogant way into a sophisticated lady by a professor and gets attached to him emotionally.

Scene from the play
Sevanthi, centre of the play and the Professor, an arrogant and rude, accepts the lady selling balloons at TippeCross and takes up as a project to transform her physically and emotionally. He casually tells that he could teach her "proper" Kannada thereby making her presentable in high society and win the title of "Miss Rajdhani"

Captain, Professor & Sevanthi
The girl accepts the challenge and follows the lessons nd guidelines of the Professor Bhargava Shastry. He trains her how to behave, cook, work at home. Sevathi's father is a drink addict and gets money from the professor to keep the girl.

One Captian Markandeya meets Prof. Shastry and keeps tag of the progress of the girl's transformation. The selfish Professor claims the success of the transformation all to himself. Sevanthi hurt by the Professor's attitude leaves the house and returns to the village. But the bonding that took place between the Professor and the girl takes him to the village and he accepts her as life partner.

The flow of the drama is quite good, at no point of time, there is slackness or boredom. Dialogues, acting of most of the characters were good.

The live music, songs and singing were good. Changing scenes, lighting were excellent.

Written Monday 16th January 2017

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Saturday 7th January 2017

It was purely by chance that we had an opportunity to attend an excellent music program at none other than ISKCON temple at NammaBengaluru on Saturday evening (courtesy Ramachandra Somayaji and P C Chadaga.)  It was  sponsored program with someone celebrating 75th birthday of their mother.
Trichur Brothers in concert
The concert was by Srikrishna Mohan and RamKumar Mohan are young Carnatic (South Indian Classical Music) Vocalists popularly known as Trichur Brothers.

They are the sons of Senior Mridanga Vidwan Shri Trichur R Mohan, who was also present at the concert.

Trchur Brothers are noted for their strict adherence to Patanthara and uncompromising attitude towards Bhavam. They also adopt a unique style of alapana, where both exchange phrase after phrase, long and short which is very amazing. This is unique rendition of raga and hitherto never adopted by any duo singers.

We really enjoyed the concert which lasted for about two and half hours even though we have little idea of raaga and bhaava.

The sponsors were kind enough to organize a very sumptuous and grand dinner catered by HigherTaste Restaurant of ISKCON.

It was an opportunity well utilized. Thanks to all concerned.

written 11th Jan. 2017

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Saturday, 7th January 2017
VidyaranyaPura, NammaBengaluru

To create awareness and to boost the local production of products of daily usage, a 3-day exhibition-cum sale of locally made products were organized at Nanjappa Circle Dwaraka Hall at VidyaranyaPuram not too far from our place.

We visited the place around midday and spent more than n hour looking at the products on display and bought some items for home use.

Many exhibitors emphasizing the need for use of items other than rice like Navane, saamay etc and also locally produced products which help for healthy living.

At the end, we ended up buying various products worth more than Rs 1600.

written Monday 9th Jan 2017


Wednesday, 28th December 2016
Venue: M G M College, Udupi

It is only by chance that we went to visit Vishala KeshavaBhat at Manipal, there were about to leave for watching the drama at M G M College (My former college). As we are also drama buffs, we joined them immediately to watch the Tulu Drama, which was to begin at 6.30pm.

"Shudra Tapaswi", a part of Ramayana composed by KUVEMPU, highly respected literary person, "Rashtra Kavi", National poet. The content of the play is about the caste system, where a lower caste shudra goes into Tapas (Penace). Higher caste brahmin's son dies when he touches shudra in his tapas because the father hits him badly.  Brahmin claims that this is "adharma", where a shudra has no right for tapas and takes the matter to Rama. In Valmiki Ramayana, Rama beheads shudra to establish dharma, whereas in Kuvempu Ramayana, story is changed to the idea that all humans are equal and shudra also equal right for tapas and it is not Adharma, hence Rama makes dead child alive after brahmin apologises for his deed.

The play was superbly enacted on stage with appropriate lighting, music and high sounding dialogues in tulu language. The stage setup and the dance sequences to make effectiveness of the characters was also good. 120 minutes play ended with positive note in the current scenario.

written Monday, 9th Jan 2017

Saturday, January 7, 2017


Elder brother Seetharama Somayaji's second daughter is Sandhya, SandhyaSadaram's eldest son is Sachin whose wedding took place on the NewYear 2017 day at Govinda Kalyana Mantapa, at Udupi.


Engagement took place in August in Bengaluru and all preparations were done like invitations, purchases and travel.
Seetharama Somayaji & Sunanda Somayaji

Saturday 31st night, there was Get-together party at the same venue, socializing, music, dance and fun followed by dinner. Lot of enthusiastic children took part in the program and new couple were also in high mood. Many relations and friends also took part in the party.

The next day, Muhurtham was at 11.15am, preparations for the wedding started from 9 am, after breakfast. The arrival of dibbana (Baaraath) followed and the bride came in a wooden chariot carried by relations and carried to the dais for the moment of exchanging garlands, when the two became husband and wife.

 Other wedding formalities like Kanyadaana, ManglyaDharane, SaptaPadi etc etc. followed.

The wedding followed by grand Lunch as usual on such occasion, with many variety of items and sweets. The relations and friends had photo shoot with the newly married couple and wished them "Long and Happy Married Life".

There was SatyaNarayana Pooja and Reception at NandaGokula Sabangana, GiriNagar, Bengaluru on Tuesday, 3rd January 2017.

written Sunday 8th January 2017