Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Saturday, 17th December 2016

It's Rishikanth's Happy Birthday....

Happy BirthDay Son....
We had a family get-together for dinner at Konark Restaurant at Residency road in Bengaluru.

Mom made a home made cake and we reached there by 7pm.

We had some nice food and a family time.

There was Ravi-Vidya, Shubha-Raghu and Lahari and We.

with Seena, the pet
Rishi's pet "Seena", Beagle, laboratory rescued Freagle we adopted six months ago, has become our

family member.

written Wednesday 21st December 2016

Monday, December 19, 2016


Sunday, 18th December 2016
KalaGrama, Mallathalli, Bengaluru

Astrologer with TV Anchor
Artists:  Jairam Bangalore. Murali Chimmalagi, Maala Sujith Shetty, Kumaraswamy Shivaramaih, Rithu Korapathi, Ashok Gowda, Siddaramu Shivu, Akshatha A. B., Arpitha Dindody. Manjunath Kadoor. Manjunath Krishnappa, Vinod Pattanshetti

Based on Popular writer Dundiraj's play, Vikasam presents "Pukkate Salahe", (Free advice) sattire based on TV show that claims to solve problems based on astrology and help people who call them from all over Karnataka. You get a chance to hear the various dialects of Kannada.

A caller
One good thing about the play is, before it started getting boring, the drama is over.  

The 60-minutes play, supposed to be humorous and with satire, doesn't carry much substance or entertainment. The actors are bit boring, monotonous and dragging. 

PUKKATE SALAHE - FREE ADVICE, However, it was a short play and we could sit through. The venue was far and we felt it was a waste of time and driving time.

written 19th December 2016

Monday, December 12, 2016


Sunday, 11 December 2016
Venue: ADA KalaMandira, NammaBengaluru
Ritwik Simha as Mohd. Bin Tighlaq

"Tughlaq"- by Girish Karnad is the play about the turbulent rule of Mohammed Bin Tughlaq.(1325 - 1351) Though it is historical play, it is appropriate to the contemporary politics of any era, especially in the current global scenario.

Scenes from the play
The lead role of Mohammed Bin Tughlaq was played by Ritwik Simha, son of veteran Late C R Simha, one time famous director and actor. His style, acting delivery of dialogues, modulation were all excellent.

The play explores the series of events that led to downfall of the one of the most fascinating, cruel Sultan (King) to occupy the throne of Delhi, Mohammed Bin Tughlaq. He, known for reformist "ahead of times" ideas had a grand vision, but reign was a abject failure.

One of ideas was shifting the capital from Delhi to Daulatabad, in order to have the capital not only at the centre of the province, but also hindu dominated area. His ideals of a Unified India and in 20 years, his reign had degenerated into anarchy and his kingdom became a "Kitchen of Death"

The play covers the consequences that followed his decision. The play highlights how religion can be misused to bring in the common man into foul play. The play outlines his clever plots to eliminate his opponents and ends with scenes of utter chaos and misery in the Kingdom. His downfall, no matter how big his dreams and vision, came in the hands of the religion and the business class.

The enactment by the other characters were excellent. Azam and Aziz, especially the Dhobi in various dubious roles of Brahmin, Shaikh, religious leader, cleverly escapes from the ruler, when he was caught.

The ambiance, stage setting, lighting and sound effect were all good. The play is about two and half hours, which appeared to be bit long.

written on Monday,12th December 2016

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


That was a grand grand wedding celebrations of Sneha Rao. d/o Manohar Rao and Adithya Tantry, s/o Venugopal Tantry. The engagement was at Kannarpady Temple, near Udupi on 10th July, which attended.

Pre-Wedding Party, the couple
Manohar Rao runs a money exchange "Dubai Express" in Dubai and has been there many years. His children, Sneha and Preeti were small and going to OurOwn High School, where I was Supervisor.

They are family friends and have house in Mysuru. Mr Rao actively participates in all programs of  UAE Brahmana Samaja Dubai.

Wedding celebrations begin
Saturday night was Pre-wedding party with music, songs, dances and short Yakshagana by Narayana Shabaraya from Udupi followed by dinner.

Friends from Dubai
Sunday morning was the wedding celebrations, at 7am, arrival of Barath (Dibbana), dhoom-dham, dance, and the actual wedding with exchange of garlands, KanyaDaana, SaptaPadi, and MangalaSutra. Very pleasant Saxaphone music played by a team throughout and lot of relations and friends from all over, witnessed the wedding.  Grand lunch followed with several sweet items.

Evening again there was a get-together for cock-tail party at Hotel Le Ruchi Prince followed by dinner.
Cock-tail Party
We wish the newly married couple, long and happy married life and God's Blessings.

at the Wedding Reception in Bengaluru
Grand wedding reception was at Poornima Convention Hall, Bengaluru 5th Dec. on Monday evening.

written Thursday 8th Dec. 2016

MYSURU TRIP - 3rd to 5th Dec2016

Saturday 3rd - 5th December 2016

Manohar Rao, an old friend from Dubai has been talking about his daughter Sneha's wedding, came home and insisted that we should be there for all programs of wedding celebrations.

at Pre Wedding Party
Also Latha and Sudhaker Rao Pejavers from Dubai, were attending the same celebrations, they accompanied us to Mysuru and back to Bengaluru.

We left from home on Saturday, 3rd Dec, at 8.00am and Sudhaker's place and they joined us and we had a stop over at Shubha House, Chiguru, had some light breakfast left from Bengaluru at 10.30am.

Reached Mysuru around 2 pm and searched for hotel to have lunch. We had meals at Guru Residency and visited Usha-Suresh, common friend, spent some time and went to Hotel Treebo Urban Oasis.

Attended pre-wedding party at GLN Convention hall and returned by 10pm

Next morning was the wedding and we reached by 7 am and after wedding lunch at 12.00noon

at Ranjini Suresh House
We went visiting people - first was Ranjini Suresh, who was in Dubai who lives alone (as her husband passed away) in her grand, huge house, We had fun, laughter and tea.

Then we visited Mr and Mrs Govinda Prasad, an elderly couple, live on their own. Wife Nagamani Prasad weak and frail, taken care by husband with all dedication and sincerity, as his only son and the family hardly cares for them.

visiting Nagamani and M G Prasad
We went visiting Chamundi Hills, a distance of 15km and reached there by 5pm and spent about half hour in the queue and had Chamundeshwari darshan, On our way back, we visited Nandi.

Chamundeshwari Temple


At 7pm, we reached Hotel Le Ruchi Prince for Cocktail Party and returned to hotel at 10.30pm

at the CockTail Party
Next morning, Monday 5th Dec. left at 5am from Mysuru, missed the road initially and reached LokaRuchi at Ramanagara and had sumptuous breakfast and reached Sudhaker;s place by 9am, from there reached home by 10am

at LokaRuchi, Ramanagara
It was a pleasant trip and enjoyed the programs and the company.

written Thursday 8th Dec.2016