Monday, August 31, 2015


We visited another temple at RajaRajeshwari Nagar at NammaBengaluru on Sunday 30th August 2015, with RaviDya and Bidarahallis.

Shrungagiri Shanmukha Temple located in RajaRajeshwari Nagar, is one of the important tourist destination and religious places of Bangalore.
It was Lord Shanmukha's own will to choose the unproductive Hillock in Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore as his abode and lord inspired His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Bharathi Theertha Mahaswamiji of Sri Sharada Peetam, Sringeri, to choose Dr R Arunachalam as the contractor to build Shrungagiri Sri Shanmukha Temple on the hillock.

Thus ordained and blessed, Dr. Arunachalam's extraordinary visionary capacity guided him to design the entire temple structure based on the very name of Lord Shanmukha, meaning a 'Six Faced God' (Shan means Six and Mukha means Face in Kannada language)

Shrungagiri Shanmukha temple is situated on a hillock which is 240' from the ground level. The total height of the temple is 123' of which the six faced Gopuram itself is 62' (including 19' up to neck). The Crystal Dome above the Gopuram has a height of 42', with 33' Diameter and 105' Circumference. The six faces of Lord Shanmukha are 6" thick concrete moulded structures.
Written Tuesday 01September2015


Sunday 30th August 2015

Dwadasha Omkareshwara Temple on Omkar Hills on Uttarahalli-Kengeri road has been recent addition to the visiting places in NammaBengaluru.
It was on last Sunday 30th August, we had a chance to visit the place see the place which are still developing.

Dwadasha (12) Jyotirlinga Temple at Omkara Ashrama is a Religious & Spiritual place on the Omkar Hills - which is one of the highes spots in Bengaluru. The avowed objective of the ashrama is to propagate universal brotherhood as per the Advaitic vision of universal oneness discovered by the Vedic Rishis. 

The Ashrama campus has several temples - namely Sri Dwadasha Jyotirlinga Temple, Sri Matsya Narayana Temple, Sri Nagadevata Temple,Sri Vana Durga Temple, Sri Ganapathi Temple and Sri Munishwara Temple - and a giant tower clock which is one of the biggest clock in the world. Apart from the temples, the ashrama campus is having a Vishwamitra Veda Vidyalaya and a Goshala. Also in the ashrama, daily Sri Chakra Puja (Navavarana Puja) will be done by the head of the institution.

The message of all religions is to give more than to receive; is to perceive and not to deceive; is for attainment and not for commitment. Universal Brotherhood and mutual respect are the core teachings of every religion. The Vedas proclaim “Ekam sat, vipra bahudha vadanthi – truth is one; sages proclaim it differently”. All mystics speak the same truth but in different languages and different manners.

We could spend about an hour going round the places and going on the hills. Small children from Vedashala brought from MP and UP are seen running around, speaking in Hindi, studying sanskrit and Vedapatha.

written Tuesday 01September2015

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Sunday 23August2015
Time: 2pm - 9 pm
Venue: UdayaBabu KalaSangha, BasavanaGudi, NammaBengaluru
Program: Three Yakshagana Prasanga

Shashikanth Shetty and Sujayeendra Hande

Sujayeendra Hande as Partha
 Karnataka YakshaDhama, Mangaluru organises SU-DARSHANA Yakshagana every year at Bengaluru with sponsorship from Maiyas, Karnataka Bank. Mr Janardhana Hande active co-ordinator, with Mr Sudheendra Holla, Haryadi Raghu Prasad and Sujayeendra Hande as organizers.

Manoj Bhat

They invite the professional Yakshagana artists from different places and present three "Prasanga" to entertain the audience and support the art and artists.

Yakshagana is dance drama, stories taken from Mahabharatha or Ramayana, presented to the audience dusk to dawn. At present, people have no patience or time, presentation is reduced to two hours of Prasanga and entertain.
Yakshagana is story told with dance, music, costumes, songs, dialogues, very precise. The artists are professionals, versatile in dance, stories, dialogues and acting.
Such was the program at the above with Three stories:
1) Prameela Prasanga 2)  Chitrakshi Kalyana (Gandharva Kanye)  3)Veera Babruvahana.
All the stories were played very well by the artists, perfect dancing, melodious singing by Bhagavatharu and appropriate dialogues with humour, sarcasm and imaginary situations.

The program also had honoring YogaGuru Shri Raghavendra Shenoy by Shri Sadananda Maiya and JanardhanaHande.

written Tuesday 26August2015

Monday, August 17, 2015


Sunday 16th August 2015

Wedding ceremoniy
It's wedding of Ajith and Meera at Sri Venkateshwara Kalyana Mantap, Ullal, NammaBengaluru.
Ajith is the grandson of my co-sister, Radhe from Shivamogga, wife of IPS Nagappaya. Ajith's mother is Ashwini, known from young age.
with Girish Kasaravalli, Film Director

Best costumes
We reached the venue by 12 noon, a big crowd of relations and friends of bride and grooms party, in the wedding hall. So many relations were met, new relations were found and it was time for ladies to show off their saree and jewellery and catch up with what;s been happening.

Grand lunch
After the usual wedding ceremonies, it is time for grand lunch with lot of items and sweets, holige, kaaju khatri and some more.

Evening after 8 pm was the reception time and as usual, with the changed costumes and make-up, people were again chatting and listening to music, There was violin-duo playing classical and semi classical music and lining up for greeting and wishing the newly wedded couple.
Buffet dinner follows with chats, roti, curry and pulav and sweets.
Returned home by 10 pm.
Written Tuesday 18th August 2015

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


It was last Saturday, 8th August 2015, along the Bengaluru-Mysuru highway few boards WINE TOUR caught our attention. It was after Channapatna, and our curiosity made us to drive towards after taking left detour. We had no idea how far it is and after driving for about 10 km on a tar road and a kaccha road for 10 minutes, we reached the place VINEYARD. There was nice compound and parking place outside.
The host, customer relationship lady briefed us that Wine Tour will cost Rs200.00 for each person, it will be of 35 minutes duration and there will be sample wine tasting also.

Heritage winery is located off Bangalore - Mysore highway, near Channapattana 60 K M from Bangalore The Winery is in a zero sound and zero dust pollution zone. Located amidst rolling hills and lush greenery, spread over 25 acres spanning 8 acres of vineyards, 9 acres of winery 8 acres restaurant.

HERITAGE adheres to international standards of winemaking with the help of their experienced wine makers. Our winemakers with their skill and knowledge uphold the” tradition and legacy” of producing fine wines. HERITAGE produces 6 varieties of wines Viz., Cabernet red wine, Shiraz red wine, Chenin Blanc white wine, Twist bubbly wine, Heritage 2000 premium wine, Heritage sweet red wine.
Tasting different wine....
The Heritage Wine Education Tour, was started as an initiative to educate people on the intricacies of making a fine wine. This tour will teach you all the aspects of wine making and tasting, and answer all your queries about wines. The winery is located away from all the noise of the city, yet easily reachable (just an hours drive) surrounded by lush greenery. Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine with some finger licking food dished out by our experienced chef’s.
Written Wednesday 12th August 2015

Monday, August 10, 2015


August 8, 2015, Saturday

On the Check-Dam
We planned our visit to Balamuri Falls on the way to Mysuru on Saturday, 8th August.
We reached around 2.30pm, after taking right turn at Srirangapatna. After turning of from Bangalore-Mysore road, the place is about 15 km, not on a good road. Lot of people visit the place.
It's nice place for a day's outing. spend time in the falling water. Though there is a board saying "no swimming and walking on the dam". but people don't bother and almost everybody walks on the dam many swim and enjoy in the water.

Enjoying in the waterfalls

Balmuri Falls is a man-made beauty. The waterfall is caused by a check dam that exists over the Cauvery River. As the river takes a right turn near the site where the waterfall exists, it is called Balmuri. In the Kannada language Bala means ‘right’ and Muri means ‘curve’.
The check dam has been constructed across the river to act as a wall that tries to stop the flow of water. This is done to hold the water of the Cauvery River in order to feed the many irrigation canals that flow out of this location. When the check dam becomes filled with water to the brim, the water overflows to from a long and wonderful cascade.
There is also TEPPA, round boat in which 8 people can sit and a man rows it for about 15 min in the reservoir and charges Rs 50 per person.

TEPPA...... boat ride...
The check dam has a total length of 1.6 km. At a particular spot the check dam has a step with a height of about 6 feet. When the water falls over this area it resembles a mini waterfall. In light of such facts Balmuri is not a conventional waterfall and the gushing down of water found in natural waterfalls is missing at this place.
written Tuesday 11th August 2015

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Sunday August 2, 2015
Gopinath Rao working  Dubai, a long time friend and a well wisher, has a passion of writing short stories for a long time. He writings are witty, humorous and a message also. The story absorbs you once you start reading it.
The latest collection of his short stories titled "RANAGAVALLI MANEYELLI ?" was released at Akruthi Bookshop, RajajaiNagar, Bengaluru on 2nd August 2015, Sunday morning.

I have been associated with Gopinath Rao at various social organizations in Dubai for many years.
K Satyanarayana and ChandraShekar Aloor were the chief guests. We had been to the book release program and wished him well.
written Monday 3/8/2015