Thursday, August 25, 2016


Thursday 25th August 2016

The birth of ShriKrishna this night is celebrated as ShriKrishna Janmashtami (Gokulashtami).
It's 5243th Birth Anniversary of Lord ShriKrishna, Eighth avathar of Vishnu. The festival is celebrated on the 8th day of Krishna paksha, of the month of Shravana. He belonged to Vrishni clan of Yadavs from Mathura. He was the 8th son of Princess Devaki and her husband Vasudeva.

The festival is celebrated in the evening as Krishna was born on midnight. People fast the whole day till midnight and after pooja, they eat savories prepared for Lord ShriKrishna.

At home here in BirthiMane, BhuvaneshwariNagar, NammaBengaluru, mom prepared varieties of Laddu, Chakkuli, Avalakki and Kheer. Ravi, Vidya were at home in the evening for pooja and prasada. Rishi came a little later from office.

Mom left for Udupi in the night bus of Durgamba Travels to participate in the Janmashtami celebrations and VitlaPindi with her sisters in Udyavara and Kadiyali.

written Friday 26thAugust2016

Monday, August 22, 2016


13 -15 August 2016

"Seena" Our Adopted beegle dog, with us for more than 2 months, fairly got used to our way of life.
He is taken for walk every morning and evening by son Rishi or wife Nalini and got used to pee and poop during his walks.

He is given less of pedigree and more of our daily food we eat, vegetarian food i.e. rice, chapathi, idli and dosa. He enjoys the tasty food and sometimes becomes restless until the meal is made ready. Rishi plays with him when he is at home otherwise sleeps well. He never used to bark for more than a month and now barks loudly when some person or a shadow passes near the window.

We had planned to travel to Hongirana School of Excellence, Sagara, a distance of 400 km from Bengaluru. Seena was quite comfortable throughout the journey of about 8 hours with some stop over on the way. Shobha, my niece. is the CEO and Head of the school , where we stayed for two nights had 4 big dogs in her dog house.Though Seena was scared in the beginning, he stayed away from playing with them and he is too small.

However, the little boy in the house, Dinga was extremely happy to have had a company of Seena to play and he really enjoyed.
Bye Bye Shobha Madam
The time of return journey also seena was comfortable and was sleeping nicely on the backseat an also in the leg space of the backseat.

It was a happy return home for all of us.

written Monday 22nd August 2016

Sunday, August 21, 2016

RAM FROM THENALI - ಕನ್ನಡ ನಾಟಕ

Sunday 21st August 2016

On the ocassion of 125th birth anniversary of Jnana Peetha Awardee Masti Venkatesh Iyyangar, Shivarama Karanth Vedike, R T Nagara, NammaBengaluru, has organized whole day proagram at TaralaBalu Centre,  R T Nagara.
Morning programs were speeches by MavinaKere Ranganathan, Smt, AshaDevi on "ಕನ್ನಡದ ಆಸ್ತಿ" Masti Vekatesha Iyyangar. Later after lunch two movies were screened. Dr Shivarama Karntha's 
"ಬೆಟ್ಟದ ಜೀವ" and  Girish Kasaravally directed "ಗುಲಾಬಿ ಟಾಕಿಸ್".
At 6 pm "DRAMATRIX" team presented a very humours comedy drama in the auditorium.

Playwright : N C Mahesh
Director : Lingaraj Ithihas
This is a modern format of Thenali Ramakrishna. A young fellow whose name is Ram comes to the city from ‘Thenali’ for an IT job and finds a bachelors’ room with three other interesting characters as his roommates. Nidhi, an IPS aspirant, is the neighbor with a very strict father. How this modern Ram connects with the historic Thenali Ramakrishna, his interview with his new boss, Nidhi falling for Ram, is what makes this play filled with laughter.
Raghu Ramanakoppa, Satish Aithal, Laxman Poojari, Bosch Raghavendra, Anjana Deshmukh, Srinath V, Varsha S.

The presentation of 90-minutes Drama was very nice and hilarious and the dialogues  were very witty and sharp. The caption song running mostly throughout the drama, added to the comedy. All the actors were very conversant with what they were doing and the acting was good. The audience used to burst into laughter on many ocassions after hearing the sharp, clear and appropriate dialogues. 
Director and Playwright must be congratulated for presenting an excellent Kannada Drama.
Written 22nd August 2016

Saturday, August 20, 2016




Poojyaya Raghavendraya SathyaDharma Rathayacha
Bhajatham Kalpa Vrikshaya Namatham Kamadhenuve

Every year we go to Sri RaghavendraSwamy Aradhana Mahotsava taking place at Raghavendra Mutt, AGCE LayOut, Uttarahalli, NammaBengaluru, this year also went to the place on Saturday 20th August 2016 for Madhyaradhane Sambrama and Prasada. 

We reached there by 1pm with Shubha and Shrimathi, Raghu's mother and there was huge crowd of people. RaviVidya also joined for the sambrama and after Rayara Darshana and Akshathe, we waited for our turn for grand lunch.

All people were served sumptuous lunch with sweet (Hayagreeva) and Payasa and our turn over by 3pm and after that we left from the place.

written Sunday 21st August 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016


Sunday 14th August 2016

Uduthadi or Uduthani, where Akka Mahadevi was born,  was just abot 15 km from BalliGavi, So we proceeded to the place to see the premises.

It's a large compound with a nice garden, with diplays of Vachana's on the driveway inside the premises. The building is a relatively new one and we spent about 15min going round the place.

Temple at Uduthadi
AKKA MAHADEVI (1130 - 1160)is the earliest female poets in Kannada Language, in 12th Century. She was a prominent personality in Veerashaiva Bakthi Movement and her spontaneous mystical poems, called Vachanas (430) are notable contribution to Kannada Literature.

One of Akka Mahadevi's Vachana
She has considered Lord Shiva (Chenna Mallikarjuna) as her husband, in the form of devotion.

Akka's poetry explores the themes of rejecting mortal love in place of everlasting immortal love for God. Her vachanas talk about the methods of enlightenment, killing "I"  (Nanu) for conquering the desires.

Moorthy of AkkaMahadevi at Uduthadi
It is believed that due to her devotion and true love for God, her whole body was protected by hair.

She becomes Akka (Elder Sister) at AnubhavaMantapa with Sharanas like AllamaPrabhu, Basavanna, Chenna Basavanna, Kinnari Bommayya, Dasimayya.

Her spritual journey ends in Kadali, nearby thick forest area of SriShaila  where she was supposed to have been experienced union (Aikya) with Chenna Mallikarjuna.

written Saturday 20th August 2016


Sunday, 14th August 2016

After visiting Banavasi, we proceeded to Balligavi, a distance of 25 km and visited many temples.

Balligavi is a small town in ShikariPura Taluq of Shivamoga Dist in Karnataka State. It;s place of anitiquity and known for ancient monuments. It's also famous as birth place of great Veerashaiva Saint ALLAMA PRABHU.and closely associated with Vachana Poet AKKA MAHADEVI, who was born in nearby place Udugani. It's birthplace of ShantalaDevi, Queen of Hoysala King VishnuVardhana. The famous 11th Century Kedareshwara and TripurantaKeshwara Temple are also in town. It's about 72 Km from Shimoga.

The golden age of Belligavi is during the western Chalukya-Hoysala Empire in 10-12th Centuries. It had 54 temples and believed 50000 residents at that time.

Kedareshwara Temple - The oldest example of TRIKUTA (Triple Towers) structure, each facing North, South and  West. The Hoysala Emblems were added by Hoysala VinayaDitya in 1060 CE The shrines to the west and south contain ShivaLinga and the north has image of Lord Vishnu. All shrines open to up to MahaMantapa and SabhaMantapa.The Housala crest ( emblem of Hoysala warrior stabbing a lion) on the top.

Tripurantaka Temple - It is built in 11th Century by western Chalukyas, during the King VishnuVardhan's era. The main deity is Tripuranataka, a form of Lord Shiva,

The temple is known for its unique perforated windows that have spectacular stone aer work. The doorway is decorated on both the sides by window panels. Each window panel is filled with long entangled sculptures of three pairs of "Nagas" of snakes. At the doorway are the stone structures of the "Dikpalas" guarding the deity.

There are temples where one can see some erotic scenes on stone carvings, showing the interest of lust and sex in those days, by the rulers and also the "Shilpis".

Written Friday, 19th Aug 2016