Friday, September 30, 2016


Friday, 30th September 2016
Ravindra Kalakshetra, NammaBengaluru


Artists: Rajendra Karanth, Ramakrishna Kannarpadi, Raghu Ramankoppa, Srinath Vijayendra, Rajeshwari Raghavendra
This play is the next part of the famous play 'Beechi House'. It comprises laughter, philosophy, knowledge and great performances!

The Kannada Drama Beach house performed at Ravindra Kalakshetra, Bengaluru on 30th September 2016 was below expectation from the veteran direstor Rajendra Karanth and his team.

The play with lot of humour, sattire and performance, clarity of dialogues needs much improvement. 

Gangadhar, main role with two sons with different attitudes and mindset, a sanyasi role, always talks in terms of adhyatma and other with communist ideology. The man coming with two daughetrs for their wedding, for fixing the marriage, and the girls eventually roping in the boys was the main story.

However, stage setting of "BeachHouse", music and performance of actors were generally good.

written Saturday 01 October 2016


Sunday 25th September 2016
Venue: Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Malleshwara, NammaBengaluru

Kadri Gopalanath, Celebrety Saxophonist, performed a concert with accompanying musicians namely Tabla, Violin, Mridangam, Morching.

It was an excellent concert for two hours, which takes the audience into altogether different world. Though mostly he played Carnatic classical music, he also rendered some popular melodies and bhajans.

"Saxophone Chakravarthy" as he was crowned, born in 11th December 1949 in Kadri, Mangalore. He has performed in number of international music festivals. He has many music albums, cassettes and CDs to his credit.

He was awarded Doctorate from Bangalore University, Padmashri, Sangeetha Kalakesari awards and many more.

written Saturday 1st October 2016

Saturday, September 24, 2016

B R Chaya - Musical evening

Saturday 24th September 2016

We started off from home at 5 pm to reach The Indian Instirute of World Culture at BasavanaGudi, we could reach the venue on at 7pm due to heavy traffic on the way. 

However, we could enjoy half the program, as there was no big crowd and there was select audience,

‘Nightingale of Karnataka’ as she is affectionately called by the musicians and the music lovers of Karnataka-B.R.Chaya, is the most successful and leading singer, who has a rare distinction of having sung maximum Kannada songs to her credit.

Her first song ‘hindusthaanavu endoo mareyada…’ brought her instant fame and appreciation and awards. Chaya since then never looked back.

B.R.Chaya has so far sung in more than 300 films. She has the rare distinction of singing more than 15000 non-filmy songs which include Kannada bhaavageethe, jaanapada geethe, Kannada patriotic songs,nursery rhymes and innumerable devotional songs in various languages viz Kannada,tulu, Konkani,Tamil,Telugu,dakkhani, kodava etc. for ‘T-series, lahari,HMV,Jhankar, ashwini,sangeetha’ etc etc audio companies.

B R Chaya sang quite a few popular Kannada filmy and Bhavageethe yesterday, Mr Srinivas giving her male voice for duet songs. The background music was Karaoke and her husband Padmapani Jodidar was compering the show with some jokes in between.

Good evening spent except for boring traffic issue.

written 25th Sept. 2016

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Monday, 12th September 2016
Bengaluru Palace, NammaBengaluru

Bengaluru Palace is tourist attraction place. It is built by Sir Garrett, in 1863, now owned by Royal Family of Mysore. The Palace and its surroundings are spread across an area of 454 acres.

Bengaluru Palace is also venue for prestigious wedding functions of well to do families.

with ShridharHegde and Subramanya Kedilaya

Gayathri, daughter of Shridhar Hegde and BhagyaLakshmi was married to Arjun, son of Smt. Nandini and Shankar Hosakere. Bhagya is the daughter of my uncle Late Govinda Kedilaya, who lived in Hassan with his family. Shridhar Hegde is top IAS officer in Karnataka State Government.

We were there for the wedding in the morning and the venue is superbly decorated and marriage ceremony is conducted by team of priests. After the KanyaDaana, SapthaPadi and Mangalya Dharana, guests were aushered to dining hall for sumptous grand lunch on banana leaf. There were many tasty servings with sweets,ice cream and other items.


The evening was time for Reception at the same venue, with different stage decor. Many invitees could not turn up due to disturbances in the city and the curfew. However, after the wishing the newly married couple LONG LIFE AND HAPPINESS, it was time for variety of food again with soup, chat, roti, dosa pulav and what not. And sweets, friots and ice cream to top it.

It was a grand occasion and we were happy that we were part of it in the celebrations.

written Thursday, 15th Sept.2016

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Sunday 11th September 2016

Engagement is a pormise to wed and also the period of time between the marriage proposal and marriage. The duration of engagement vastly varies between the parties concerned, their convinience and time for preparation. In the earlier days, it used to be just the meeting of close relations of two parties and agree on the date, time and a convinient venue for the ceremony. Nowadays, it is a huge program with large number of relatives and friends, bigger venue and a grand lunch, almost like a mini wedding.

Nivedita, daughter of Ramakrishna Achar of Hebri was to be engaged to Sandeep on 11th September 2016 at Rama Mandira, Hebri. We were there to witness the occasion. The close relations of the two parties were seated on the stage and agreeing plans for wedding dates and venue. There was also exchanging of "Phala-Pushpa" and draft invitation card by the elders with the presence of priests of both parties. The modern addition of the ceremony is the exchanging rings between the bride and the groom and the photo session follows.

There was a gathering of about 400 people, relations and friends of both parties and grand lunch follows as usual. The whole event is hosted by the girl's father.

written Wednesday 14th September 2016


Saturday 10th September 2016

It is for a mission to attend engagement of Nivedita at Hebri. Shubha has arranged a 12 seater Tempo Traveller to go to ooru where V2 also joined the group. Joined the tempo at GoreGuntePalya at 1pm and reached CharmadiGhat around 5pm after passing through Hassan, Belur and Mudigere.

Charmadi Ghat is one of the points through which it connects Chikkamagalur district with Dakshina Kannada District. The 25 Km stretch starting from KottigeHara to Charmadi Village is beautiful, scenic, awesome, calm and peaceful. It is a unique place as it is a rich bio diversity spot with variety of medicinal plants and rare animal spices in the world. For a nature lover, the Ghat is just a package of unlimited naturtal beaity. The real real beauty can be seen during rainy season. Most of the waterfalls are besides the highway and the top of the Ghat one can find a milky waterfall in between the thick foredt.

Each and every curve of Ghat has got its unique attraction and its really amazing, and makes you to stop the cehicle and enjoy the natural beauty. Once you reach Charmadi Village, one experience a drastic change in the climate, miss cool climate of Chikkamagalur and feel hot and humid.

With that pleasant drive through the Ghat, we reached Hebri via Ujire, Belthangady and BajeGoli at
9 pm.

Written 14thSeptember2016