Monday, July 31, 2017

MOM Happy BirthDay

Sunday 30th July 2017
The London Curry House, NammaBengaluru

That was a lovely family get-together for celebrating Mom's Birthday.

 Shubha, Raghu, Lahari and Ravi,Vidya were there, also Vidya's sister Veena with her kids were there and of course Rishi and Me amd mom.

Shubha brought a beautiful cake which was cut and were eaten within no time.

 The dishes from the London Curry restaurant were all yummy and tasty and all enjoyed, with chocolate cake at the end.

It was a memorable day for the family.

Posted Tuesday 1st August 2017


Yakshagana - Kadalivana
Sunday 30th July 2017, H N Kalakshetra, Jayanagara, NammaBengaluru

It was a fantastic performance by Sri AnanthaPadmanabha Dashavatara Yakshagana Mandali, Perduru in Bengaluru.

The program was organized by "Karnataka - Yakshadhama", Mangaluru, with the leadership of Sri Janardhan Hande and the team. Every year, Yakshagana program is being organized in Bengaluru in memory of Yajamana Parampalli Sridhar hande, with the sponsorship by Karnataka Bank and Maiyyas.

Veteran yakshagana Artist Sudhindra Holla is active member in the group and also RaghuPrasad Haryadi.

The first prasanga was ChandraHasa, where DushtaBuddhi, son Madana and others. The story line is how DushtaBuddhi wanted to kill Chandrahasa and sends a letter with his son Madana, but ChandraHasa gets married to DushtaBuddhi's daughter, without his knowledge.  In the end DushtaBuddhi realizes his evil plans would not work and becomes a Subuddhi.

CHANDRAVALI - A humorous Yakshagana dance drama, where SriKrishna, in the disguise of Radha goes to Chandravali's house. Her mother in law, an old woman, fantastic dance and comedy performance with lazy son, acts only as Yajamaana. Finally Chandravali and her husband feel happy that SriKrishna Parmatma visited their house. All the characters were high energetic with beautiful dance to excellent singing by Bhagavataru and the dialogues.

 Felicitations to : Gopalaksrishna Somayaji of SLV, Gokuldas Pai of Karnataka Bank, P Sudarashana Maiyya of Maiyyas, and Subramanya Bhat from Perduru Yakshagana Mandali.

It requires amazing stamina to perform as Yakshagana artist since he has to continuously dance to singing and to the tune of Mridanga and Chande and then deliver the dialogues of the story.

It was a well organized program.

written Tuesday 1st August 2017 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

11th Happy BirthDay - LAHARI

Thursday, 20th July 2017
"Chiguru", ChikkalaSandra, NammaBengaluru

Lahari, duaghter of Shubha-Raghu, celebrated her eleventh Happy BirthDay on Thursday, 20th July 2017. We were there with a cake prepared by Chikkams at home by 8.30 pm.

The cake was cut and ate with Pizza.


written Friday 29th July 2017

Friday, July 14, 2017


Monday, 10th July 2017

Shubha - daughter of Asha-SV Bhats, who were in Dubai for many years, when we were also in Dubai. They were close family friends and we spent time together parties, picnics, NewYears and outings.  It is now time for the girl to get married and her parents came to our house and invited us for the wedding.

The wedding was at Ramachandrapur Mutt beautiful Kalyana Mantap at Mani, 40 km from Mangalore. We are there at 9.30 am, after saying bye to Subramanya at Vamanjoor, where we stayed the previous night.

Old acquaintances, friends from Dubai, some are relocated in Bangalore/Mysore had come to witness the wedding and it was more of re-establishing the lost contacts. Sudhaker Rao Pejavars-Latha from Dubai, Suresh-Usha Cukkemane from Mysore,  Vishwapathi-Devaki, from Mangalore, Venkatagiri-Vanaja Saya from Virajpete, and we from Bangalore were all there spent some good time.

After the ceremony, as usual grand lunch followed. All dispersed after lunch to their respective places and we proceeded to Udyavara to catch night taking us to Bangalore.

written Friday, 14th July 2017

RECEPTION at Dharmastala Manjunatheshwara Swamy Kalyana Mantapa, BasavanaGudi, NammaBengaluru.

Posted on 25th July 2017

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Sunday 9th July 2017
at Maravanthe.



GuruVandana is teacher appreciation program organized by students and their parents to express their gratitude to GURU.

The letter GU means darkness and RU means removal of darkness, hence GURU means one who removes all darkness from lives and enlightens us. It is celebrated on GuruPoornima Day, believed to commemorated on the day VedVyasa, author of MahaBharatha, was born.

The students of Hindustani Vocalist Vidwan Sathish Bhat organized a whole day program at a hall in Maravanthe, a place famous for beach on one side and river on the other side of the national highway.



Shama Somayaji, talented flutist, learning hidustani classical from Satish Bhat was the active organizer and since we were in ooru, we went to the program with Sridhar Hande, geandfather of Shama. Each student was given 20 minutes time render a piece. At the stage program, presided by Sridhar Hande, Guru Satish Bhat was honoured with flowers and a "Kaanike".

The program continued after lunch, and we left the place at 4 pm.

written 14th July 2017