Tuesday, May 22, 2012


They are friends from Dubai/Sharjah....... when we were living, not too long ago....... Soumya and Guru, with two children...... His elderly parents visited Sharjah and so became close.....

They called us for their one-year old son's birth day with Shanthi-homa and lunch at Dharmagiri Manjunatha Swamy temple premises, near Banashankari, Bangalore.
So...... we were there...... had good oota with holige, jelebi..... went for siesta at Shubha's house and returned home later in the evening.....
Sarurday, 19 May 2012


As I always had  a plan that in the new house, there must be ample parking space, not struggling to park cars or bike...... in spite of living space becoming less.....

However, the plan was implemented........ and three cars and bikes can be comfortable parked in the space....... Anyway.....when you want to take the first car, other cars have to be removed..... not a big task....!!!!!!
May 20, 2012


It was Sunday, weekend, relaxing after a week's hectic work schedule for all...... So daughter Shubha with family were to come...... along with her atte, mava.

In the meantime, S V Bhat, Asha who recently re-located to Bangalore after spending almost 25 years in Dubai said they plan to visit us...... Good...... Mom was ready to cook lunch for all...... so that's it....
There was pulav, raitha, anna, tove, kosambari...... and holige (outsourced) and also ice-cream.... also ...
Had good time...... chatting, nostalgia about Dubai days......

After evening coffee time ..... time to leave..... remembering the day spent nicely.....
Sunday 20 May 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012


A Sitarama Murthy from Vizag, was more than a friend in those in those days, 70's and 80's,....we lived in Nigeria. Rather he was a friend for all..... He was Senior Manager at Best & Crompton company, putting up high tension electric lines. He used to travel to his company's work from place to place....... and will supply anything that we require or ready for any assistance, any time.
He was in Dubai too for a couple of years.......
Nice gentleman by nature, stayed with us for night and the next day left for Vizag. He is 75 yrs, son married with children, working in Singapore, and daughter married with children, living happily in Rajamundri, AP
We wish him long life, good health and happiness.
Sat, 19th May 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012


Somayaji, Umakanth, Dr Bhagwan (standing)
Prasad, A S Moorthy, Dr Vijaykumar (sitting)

It was a nice get-together at Bangalore...... with people who lived in Nigeria at the same time in 70's and 80''s....... Gombe, Yola, Maiduguri, Potiskum and Kano....... places 200km, 300km, 400 km apart..... still used to meet very often..... no telephones, mobiles and internet.......
A Sitarama Moorthy, Senior Manager at Best & Crompton, company putting up high-tension wires was the main person who was very social, helpful and friendly......
Dr S C Vijaykumar, pathologist at Bauchi, with his wife Bharthi was equally good at hospitality, and M G Prasad and Nagamani Prasad at Gombe, with fine humour at all times, and K Umakanth, young manager at Best & Crompton was equally helpful and dashing...... Dr K Bhagawan, at Potiskum a nice gentleman physician at Govt. hospital, helpful at all times.....
Memories were still fresh after almost 25 years...... still remembering the little incidences, people who are no more.........

Bharti, Nagamani, Nalini, Meena, Chitra

Dr Vijaykumar & Bharthi hosted a fine grand lunch at their residence at J P Nagar,,,,, with obbattu, chitranna, and many more items.....
A S Moorthy came from Vaizag, (Vishakapattanam), Umakanth, now working at Saudi was on leave with his wife Chitra & daughter Anupama, and Bhagwans, Prasads and ourselves, residents from Bangalore....

It was a great time for all..... Again we all went Dr Bhagwan's residence at 5th Block, Jayanagar and had tea and snacks....... and more nostalgia of those days......
Sunday, 13th May 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

ಕಡಲು ತೀರ - ಸಾಲಿಗ್ರಾಮ

The long stretches of beach in the Karavali coast is by no means an ideal spot on evenings and early mornings. The sea invites water-lovers to rejuvenate themselves with a number of activities like beach walking, sand castles, or just standing in the sand and enjoying water washing your legs.
It was on Friday evening, with enthusiastic and energetic cousin of mine, Shobha, took the initiative to visit Saligrama Beach, a distance of about 6 km from Birthi, native place.
wondering about the creation and the creator......

ಕಡಲು ತೀರದ ಭಾರ್ಗವ  , Jnana Peetha Prshasti winner Dr Kota Shivarama Karanth hails from this place.

There was Anisha, Shobha, Vibha, Nalini, Abhilasha and Shama.
It was really a pleasant evening, sitting on the beach, with sky very clear, vast body of water in front of you and untiring, ever fresh tides reaching the shores, some times dragging sand beneath. Sunset is a feast to eyes to watch,
After spending about a little more than an hour, we stopped over at Mantaps for chats..... some had mandakki, masale puri, pav bhaji etc etc....... and some juice.....
It was a well spent evening.....
May4, 2012

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


 70th birthday is celebrated as "Bhima ratha shanti".

Shri and Shrimathi A G Chandra Shekar Rao, from Aroor, Belmar, who celebrated his Bheema Ratha Santhi today, Friday 4th May 2012, have experienced inexplicable joy and bliss. It was like a wedding celebrations.His children Durgesh, Rajesh and Roopesh organized this event at Shri Jnaneshwari Sabha Bhavana, K G Road, Udupi Dist. There were more than 400 people participated in the celebrations and the rituals were quite many. There was shanthi homa, the elders blessed the couple with holy water, and 16 ladies (Sumangaleyaru) were given vaayana daana (rice, saree, haldi kum  kum, bangles etc), 

Chandru Mama's sisters Sarojini, Kusuma & Leela
It was get-together of relations and friends, young and old. There was grand lunch as usual with holige, laadu and many other items.
In this context, one must understand the underlying meaning in naming this ceremony as Bheema Ratha Shanthi. It does not mean that all these couples must be physically strong and courageous like Bheema, the Mahabharata hero.  There are certain traditional rules for the performance of this Bheema Ratha Santhi. But there is no age restriction as such for this ceremony. By God's grace, everyone has sath sankalpa (good thoughts). Normally, married couples celebrate the Shastyabdha Poorthi ceremony when the husband attains the age of sixty years, hoping to lead a peaceful and happy married life. They also celebrate when the husband attains the age of 70 years. Generally, people believe 70 years of age as the deadline in the life-span of an individual.  When an individual crosses these important milestones in his married life these blissful occasions are named and celebrated as Bheema Ratha Santhi. Unable to understand and appreciate the importance of these holy occasions, some children in this Kali Yuga are sending their parents away when they cross 60 years in life.
On the other hand, children should take greater care of their parents when they attain sixty years of age and beyond. Generally, children are under the impression that people beyond the age of 70 years are useless and a burden to the family as well as to the society. But the truth is otherwise. In fact, the enthusiasm, encouragement and mental strength increase after a person crosses 70 years. It is only after 70 years that the mental faculties and Atmic strength express themselves in full measure. Prior to that, they also behave like other human beings. They will not specially strive to set an example to others. The mental faculties, divine force, and will power in a person will manifest fully after 70 years and prompt him to set a new goal in life. As a result, such elderly persons will be contemplating upon and exploring the secrets of life. 

Rajesh with Nalini & Shobha

The divine force latent in these elderly persons is beyond the reach of the youth. It manifests in ever-so-many ways in their actions. Today, we find several youngsters talking ill of their parents and making fun of them.  If the youth of today wish to understand to face the challenges in life, they must live with their parents and constantly observe the noble qualities that manifest in the actions of their parents. 

May 4, 2012


In memory of Late Srikanth Somayaji, music program was organized by Smt. Abhilasha at Birthi, Salikeri. This year, the same is arranged on May 5, with a Carnatic Music Concert by Smt. Chetana Acharya from Udupi. She was accompanied by Smt. Vasanthi Rama Bhat on Violin, and mridangam and morching by other two artists.
The concert was for more than two hours and Chetana's voice was excellent and singing was superb. She sang classical songs and  songs composed by Srikanth Somayaji.

Smt Vasanthi Rama Bhat was honored with a shawl, fruits and a token of appreciation. She is74 years and well composed on stage with her violin, and is really appreciable.
Mrs Abhilasha proposed vote of thanks for the artists and to the music lovers who attended the concert.
 There was light refreshments served to all and indeed it was a fine tribute to Late Srikanth.

May 8, 2012


Jomlu teertha is a small water fall created by River Seethanadi. It is around 35km from Udupi and 10km from Hebri. Teertha means holy water in kannada.
Water falls from a small height of 10 metres and you can take a nice bath.
Ideal picnic spot and a weekend gateway from Udupi.There are buses to Hebri from Udupi and from there you need to take a private vehicle.No food is available on the spot and you definitely need to carry some food and water.We spent a whole day there took bath,had lunch spent time in water till 5pm and returned to Birthi, Salikeri.
We were about ten people..... Nalini, Shubha, Abhilasha, Anisha, Shama, Vibha, Shshank, Kartik, Geetha Narayan and Ajay...... There was food brought from home.... Chapathi, palya, Puliyogare, mosaranna and sweets....... Out from water only to eat food and all were back in the water.....

The place will be closed from June to January as the place will be full of water and not reachable,,,,
Nice and beautiful place for a day's outing.....